Emerita oh so what?

24 Sep

2oz pop top bottle

I have been on a long and arduous source for warming lube ever since the fire-lube went bye-bye. So whenever I get the change to try out warming lubes, I’m all over it. Now, in walks Emerita OH Warming Lubricant. It’s water based and paraben free. The warming ingredient in it is actual cinnamon bark extract. I thought to myself “Oh cool! This should totally put the burn on!!” Well, I am now wondering if my box can even feel a burn!  I’ve read reviews where people have found it to be the best warming lube they’d used.  Maybe it’s just me.  This is always a distinct possibility.

It comes in a 2oz pop top bottle.  There’s no smell to it and if it dries on your hands it doesn’t get sticky.  And it works quite well too!  I didn’t find that it dried up too quickly; indeed I was able to get off a few times and I never needed to reapply.  It is not thick, since it’s water based.  I would so not use this for anal play (especially due to the cinnamon extract!!).  However it’s not watery; it’s not going to pour like actual water does.  But, I did find it had a tendency to get everywhere, so make sure to have a towel or something for cleanup.  It also washes off very well, no scrubbing needed!

So in the sense of it being a personal lubricant it sure works. I found it works exceedingly well with sex toys .  However for an extra warming sensation?  Nah.  Not so much.

In light of this, I give Emerita OH Warming Lubricant a 3 out of 5. It lubricates. It doesn’t warm. Thanks for letting me try it out Babeland !!


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