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01 Oct

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.  I know I say that pretty much anytime I make a blog post lately, but it’s still true.  We’re really, really struggling so I haven’t much had the ambition to sit down and get my thoughts in order.  While I realize that does help things, in the end right now we simply need D to have a job, and me whining on my blog certainly doesn’t achieve that.  We have gotten some furniture, though it’s been via Dumpster diving.  Oh well though LOL

We’ve gotten this pull out loveseat thingy that we sleep on, and yesterday we found a sectional couch! 🙂  So, we’ve moved the loveseat pullout thingy upstairs so we’re finally using our bedroom again.  The sectional is cream colored and it’s beat up, but it works!  My body is so happy to have something different and better to sit on.

The couch looking down from the loft/bedroom.

D had a phone interview Tuesday evening for a job at a liquor store.  He really, really wants to work in a liquor store.  The interview went uber well and it sounded like he really impressed the guy he spoke with.  They invited him to visit with the owner on Sunday.  It’s in San Francisco, so expecting my paycheck this week we planned on making a day of it.  Well, there was a mixup with my paycheck and it’s not coming until next week.  Thankfully we had a little cash so he’ll still be able to go in for the interview, but I won’t be able to go with, as we need the rest of the money for groceries.

I really, really hope he gets this job.  It’s seasonal and part time, but it’s something.  He’ll be able to contribute to paying the bills, he’ll get out of the house, we’ll have time apart and it’ll be more recent experience on his resume plus contacts.  Plus, he loves working in a liquor store.  Goddess I hope he gets the job.

He had another phone interview lined up for Wednesday afternoon but they never called.  We wanted until yesterday just in case, then looked for their phone number for him to call.  Just in case. Well, turns out they had called from a blocked number, and the business has more than one location in the city we live in.  Plus, they never specified for which location they were hiring.  So that was a bust.

A nifty picture I took the other night 🙂

D has been working really hard to not fall back into a bad depression again.  Having this job interview is helping, though especially since the other potential job fell through that’s knocked him off the “high” a little bit.  He went into town the other night (his mom sent him some money so he could get out of the house) and he met a couple people.  They have invited him to a party in the city this weekend, but ‘cuz he has no money he can’t go.  I feel really bad for him.  He’s actually met people, and he’s been invited out, but he can’t go.  😦  I’d give him the money to go if I could, but ‘cuz of this goddam fuckup with my paycheck I can’t.  *sighs*

I’m really feeling cooped up as well.  I’m going to be making sure to set money aside so I can go into town myself after I get paid.  My penpal is coming thru San Francisco in a couple weeks after her wedding, so I’m gonna try to get into town when she’s here so we can have lunch together ^^  I’m also gonna get together a nice package for her as a wedding gift.  And yes.  Some (if not all) of it will be nice and naughty … heh heh heh

I’ve been doing a fuckton of thinking lately.  We had a bit of a hiccup a couple of weeks ago; we found out that we’d underpaid rent.  The amount that we thought we owed didn’t include the late fee and the utilities bill (the building people pay it, then we pay them) and that really threw me off my emotional balance.  Well, I seriously thought of leaving and going home again.  I have friend where I know I’d be welcome, along with my cats.  It’d be cheap and I could save up money there, so after a few months I could move away again and be better prepared and all that.  Well, the chances of D coming with were I to leave San Francisco are slim to none.  If he were working and could support himself, me leaving San Fran would also be me leaving D.

The funny part is that we both understand each other on this.  If I were to get a good job offer someplace else and they paid for me to move or gave me an advance or something, he’d not fault me for going.  At the same time I’d not fault him for not coming with me.  However, 1 – I now know that I do have it within me to leave if I needed to.  If it got that bad, I now know that I could leave.  2 – I know that I’d never, ever leave him unless it did get that bad.

On a higher note we’ve gotten a ton other small things Dumpster Diving.  Clothes for one.  We actually found a space heater (that works; just needs to be cleaned).  Found some chairs for the balcony too so that’s nice, there’s these fold up made for outside ones so if they get wet its fine.

As per usual I do have more to say, but it’s time to cooks upper so I’m gonna do that.  Maybe I’ll post again later or something.

Oh right!  Plus, yes, I have a domain now!!  I’d gotten money for something via paypal and I couldn’t get the damn money out of paypal so figured I’d use it for something 🙂

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