An Actually Kissable Body Topping!

03 Oct

Booty Parlor Pomegranate Skin Honey

Booty Parlor’s Skin Honey . Long have I been searching for an edible body topping.  And while this is yummy, I don’t really think “body topping” is quite the right word.  Though, that’s more semantics than anything.  Now, first off, this is my second Booty Parlor product I’ve tried.  And I am HOOKED on their products.  I find that I am now as hooked on Booty Parlor as I am on SportsSheets.  I love that their boxes are nice and thick; you don’t get them and they’re all beat up and out of shape.  Plus, their style is tasteful and pretty.  It’s obviously sensual without naked people on them.  My flavor is pomegranate, it also comes in chocolate and vanilla.

Anyway, Skin Honey is a kissable “body topping, massage gel and personal lubricant.”  So, let’s look at these things separately:

  • Body Topping – Now, when I hear “body topping” I think of something thick and/or whipped.  This totally isn’t.
  • Massage Gel – It’s not a gel, it’s water based and quite runny actually.
  • Personal Lubricant – Now.  This one I think is questionable.  There’s no sugar in this per se, however glyerin is it’s 2nd ingredient which is used as a sweetener.  Also, it has honey extract in it, which is sweet.  However, it’s it’s 3rd ingredient is sorbitol.  Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol.  While it doesn’t have exactly sugar in it, I don’t feel comfortable putting that many sweeteners in my vagina; I am prone to yeast infections.  Plus, D is allergic to glycerin so won’t be using that way.  I am interested to hear how someone else found this to be as a lubricant if they chose to!  In my opinion though; it’s way too thin to be used anally. If you’re wanting a flavored lube, I’d find a more traditional one.

Here’s the ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Propelyn Glycol, Honey Extract, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Root, sodium Saccarin, Triethanolamine, Diethanolamine, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Flavor (aroma), May contain: Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1.

Now.  After all that why do I love the Skin Honey so much??  ‘Cuz it works awesome as a massage oil!! It really does taste good so long as you’re not drinking it or anything.  Take “kissable” literally.  It’s kissable.  If you even lick your lips you get a tad of a bitter back taste, but it is still good!  You can simply tell there’s not actually any “sugar” in it.  It also leaves your skin nice and smooth and soft afterwards.  Due to the glycerin I’m sure.  It rubs in nicely, it smells good, it tastes good and it’s in no way sticky!  As a massage oil it’s awesome!

The tube it comes in is black and has the cap on the bottom so as you run out there’s no shaking it down or anything.  It’s 50ML or 1.7 fluid ounces.  It’s not organic or anything like that.

Honestly?  I give it a 4 out of 5.  It’s good as a kissable massage oil.  That’s about it.  Thanks Fascinations!!


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