Sweet Beauty? Not so sweet.

03 Oct

Chocolate Body Oil

From Babeland the Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Oil is certainly an oil, it smells like chocolate, and it’s so totally NOT sweet. It comes in a 4oz bottle with a push pump top. It’s kind of hard to push down, just so ya know. The ingredients are all natural, which is nice: grape seed oil, shea oil, cupuacu butter and oribgnya oleifera seed oil infused with theobroma cacao, natural flavor, tococpherol, rosemary extract, vanilla planifolia. Now, I think that my dislike of the taste is probably due tot he rosemary extract. I hate rosemary. However, it smells YUMMY!

For the usage it’s a massage oil, so it’s runny.  It does leave your skin quite soft afterwards, there’s a bit of a feeling like there may be a film covering over it, but there’s not.  However if you get too much on your skin and need to wash it off, it’s really, really hard to get off.  So I’d keep the “less is more” philosophy in mind when using this.  As for staining I can’t really speak to that.  From it’s texture and color (sort of a watery honey color) and all the oils in it I think it’d stain pretty easily however we haven’t spilled any of it.

This product has a 6 month shelf life.  It needs to be kept in a cool and dark place.  Thankfully the bottle it comes in is dark 🙂 This body oil is phthalates free, paraban free, it’s free of sulfates and artificial scents plus it’s sourced responsibly.  If your like responsible all natural products then this is SO for you!

It smells good and it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.  However I find it’s taste to be quite yucky.  So, 4 out of 5 for me! Thanks Babeland!!


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