The Liberte 1 Vibe

03 Oct

The Liberte 1, by Cal Exotics

From their Coture Collection, this is California Exotics Liberte 1.  It’s made from Japanese silicone, which means it’s high quality silicone, it’s body safe and it can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution.  It’s also splash proof.  It says it’s waterproof, but you cannot submerge it, so I call it splash proof.  This actually has become my go-to shower vibrator now.  The packaging it comes in is a simple baggie in a thin box.  I really, really wish Cal Exotics would get better boxes because when I get my CalExotics vibrators the boxes are forever smooshed beyond repair or keeping.

Since it’s made from silicone only use water based lube with it and when you store your Liberte make sure he’s not touching any other silicone produce otherwise it could degrade the silicone and we don’t want that!!

Button - it lights up when it's on 🙂

The Liberte has 7 functions using a 1 button mechanism.  It’s got 3 vibrational speeds and 4 pulsations.  My favorite is the medium vibration speed.  It’s perhaps a 3.5 on a 1-5 scale.  The high vibration is just too much for my clit, and I’ve just never really been a fan of pulsations.  One thing that I dislike and is quite annoying for me is that you have to cycle through all the functions before you can turn it off.  This one does not have the nice hold-for-3-seconds-to-turn-it-off feature.

This little vibrator is about 5.25″ long and about 1.25″ thick.  As such while it has a good length for insertion it’s just not thick enough for me, for insertion.  It does have nice unique features in that on the shaft there’s a couple ridges that almost mimic the big thick vein on the underside of a penis.  I really, really like these ridges for clitoral stimulation.

2 AAA batteries (Geee!! Sorry for the fuzzy pic! )

The Liberte takes 2 AAA batteries, not included.  They fit in the slot uber tight, so in order to get them out I need to slap it sideways on my hand and they end up flying out.  Annoying but could be worse!

All in all the Liberte gets a 4 out of 5.  It’s a good, high quality shower safe toy that I find is perfect for clitoral stimulation when I need a quick one in the shower!  Thanks California Exotics!!


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