07 Oct

I love this picture and want it (or something similar) as a tattoo. Anyone wanna draw it for me? Eventually I'd be able to pay you for it! lol

So, I had this meaningful blog post to write out but it went the way of the toilet.  Flushed right down my brain.  Bleh!

So, I had 2 interviews today.  At the same time.  And I didn’t go to either.  One ended up being so far away it’d cost me at least $20/day in commute plus a 4 mile bicycle ride.  1- I don’t have a bike yet.  2 – that’s just way too much.  The other one was a job I probably couldn’t physically handle anyway.  The only reason I was comfortable not going was because D actually got a call back from the place he interviewed at and this weekend he is getting to work!  Turns out they liked him so much they didn’t ask him all the standard interview questions and just said “come in for a trial weekend.” Woot woot!  Best part is they’re just putting him on the floor, working with the product and customers which is his strongest skill.

Lately I’ve been re-discovering my inner nerd lol I really am totally a geek.  I’m a sci-fi nerd and I’m not afraid to say it! lol I’ve been re-reading the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton and in between those books I read one of the Darth Maul books, and we also have the Darth Bane books right now, plus the Garak book from Deep Space 9 😀  *is rolling in the sci-fi book-gasm* Yea, we checked them out from the library.  The library we have here in our city isn’t the best, but through it we have access to all the other libraries; Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, etc.  So after I finish Stroke of Midnight I’ll probably read Stitch in Time which is the Garak book.  Right now D is reading Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.  They’re not the very first books, but they’re the ones that really talk about the Sith.  After we read those I’m probably gonna hunt down the very first books which start with The Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice.

I’ve also really been getting into graphic novels and comics.  Mostly I like X-Men but I’m also interested in the Lanterns and a couple others.  I’m totally into Avatar; The Last Airbender as well LOL tho thats totally different.  😛 I’ve got the list of reading order for both the Star Wars books as well as the X-Men comics.  Here’s the link for the Star Wars books reading order. If you want the x-men one I’ll have to email it to you.

Anyway, I’m gonna go take a bath now and read some sexy faery stuff from LKH 😀

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