A very romantic spa kit!

10 Oct

Then Romantic Spa Kit (the candles in the back of it are mine, not included in the kit)

A leader in adult toys, My Pleasure also specializes in romance. Which is where the Romantic Spa Kit comes in. It gives you all that you need for a sensual, romantic evening with your lover.  It arrives in a cardboard box that’s not worth keeping, however it all comes packed in a pretty, black organza bag that’s totally reusable.  And it’s nice ‘cuz it has a piece of cardboard on the bottom so it keeps it’s shape.  Now, it comes with a few pieces to it:

  • An Invitation – It comes with a folded invitation that you can fill out and put where your partner will see it, letting them know they have quite the evening in store for them!
  • 4 Tealights – There’s 4 white, unscented tealight candles.  Mine were lit for over an hour and have more than 3/4’s left of them.  They last a long time!
  • Plastic “H” Shaped Massager –  This massager I find the best for very fleshy parts of the body like the thighs and upper arms.  I find it to be too hard for most of the back  due to the spine and such.  These are quite nice and light, however I do prefer other massagers.  This is personal though.
  • Bubble Bath – A 2 oz bottle of bubble bath, a wonderful coconut passion fruit scent.  However 1 – It’s insanely thick and in order for it to actually make bubbles you need to let it just dribble out of the bottle.  If you squeeze the bottle and it “plops” out it just sinks and doesn’t make bubbles.  2 – The scent goes away when it becomes bubbles.  Muy disappointing!! The bubbles last okay.  After over 1 hour and lots of movement in the tub I still had about half the bubbles of when it started.  The bubbles are thick, but not large.
  • Massage Lotion – 2 oz bottle of coconut passion fruit scented massage lotion.  This also is incredibly thick.  I found that it absorbs quickly so is probably best used for just skin lotion, or very short massages.  You’d need a lot of it for a large and/or lengthy massage.
  • Natural Loufa Sponge – This is I think the best part of the whole kit!  A large, thick natural sponge loufa with a coconut-looking cradle for it.  I’d use the cradle for something else.  The loufa is really thick and has a nice texture good for exfoliating.  It really soaks everything in though, so make sure to rinse it thoroughly after use.
  • Organza Bag – The organza bag is really cute and reusable.  It’s black with a black tie at the top, and a cardboard piece on the bottom for it to keep it’s shape.  It’s about 4″ wide and 12″ tall.

All in all this is not a great bath product however it’s not a bad one either. It’s totally worth the price and gives you good products, some reusable. 4 out of 5!! Thanks a ton MyPleasure for letting me try this out!


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