Leau A Deux

10 Oct

The Leau A Deux (The candles in the background are mine and NOT in this kit)

The Leau A Deux is a nicely packaged erotic bath kit from Eden Fantasys . By Bijou Indiscreets  It includes several items:

  • The Tin – This sensual bath kit comes in an awesome tin.  It’s about 5″ tall and probably 7″ wide/deep.  It’s attractively black with very dark grey polka dots on it.  The front has a label that could be peeled off if need be.  There’s a large label on the bottom that also could be peeled off, though I think you’d need some Goo B Gone for it.  This is totally re-usable.  It has a foam insert in the bottom for the containers of massage oil and bubble bath.
  • Bubble Bath – A 1oz jar of very, very scented bubble bath.  The scent is intense.  I can only describe it as perfume.  It’s very feminine and makes me think of being sensual and erotic.  There is an aphrodisiac included in the scent, so I can for the first time ever say this aphrodisiac works on me.   It’s in a jar, with a twist off top.  Again it’s reusable which is awesome.  I found it to be a very small amount though.  I used half of it and it lasted a very long time.  After a 1 hour bath the bubbles were just as bubbly as they were at the beginning of the bath.  The scent permeated into my entire apartment and it was too much for D.  He needed to open the windows and that even didn’t help.  When I came out of the bath my entire body smelled of the bubble bath, and he actually had his face in his shirt for a while, stating he’d rather smell his sweat.  SO – if you are sensitive to smell, *stay away from this one*.  It is a very intense sent.  I however enjoyed it.  It’s incredibly strong in the jar and tin, however once it’s in the bath it cools off a bit and is more subtle.
  • Massage Gel – A 1 oz jar of massage gel.  Due to D’s sensitivity to the bubble bath we didn’t try this.  It comes with a plastic cap over the gel that the bubble bath didn’t come with.  And truth be told, it fits so snugly I haven’t even been able to take the plastic piece of to even smell the massage gel.
  • 4 Round Candles – There are 4 round, white candles that come in a quite white, organza bad with a black tie string.  They are quite small, perhaps 1″x1″.  They are flat on the bottom so you can put them on a flat surface to burn.  They lasted me about 1 hour, the length of my bath.  They are not scented.’
  • Massager – Now this piece is curious to me.  It’s a long, perhaps 2 feet long organza sleeve that’s folded up and tied with a black tie.   It’s open at both ends.  It’s supposed to be a massager, used to massage the massage gel into the skin.  Personally I have no desire to have massage gel massaged into me with a piece of organza.  It doesn’t feel that great on the skin.  Now, if you like a bit rougher texture perhaps it’s for you.   As for me I’m going to find another use for this.  Not sure what it is yet though LOL
  • CD – I LOVE this music!!! It’s sort of easy listening jazz music.  Both me and D love it.  I think it’s the best part of this kit.  I didn’t find the music to be romantic, or erotic, or sensual however with the beats of most of the songs I can see how it could be erotic for others.  For me and D it’s awesome background music as we go about our day cooking and cleaning and such.
  • Invitation – There is a cardboard romantic invitation that you could use.  Fill it out and leave it where your lover could find it.

All in all, I’m going to give the Leau A Deux a 2.5 out of 5. I find the price to be way too much for what you get, especially the small amounts of the massage gel and bubble bath.   I honestly can’t imagine recommending it to anybody, especially a the price.  Perhaps at $30 I could, but not at the price it’s listed for. Now don’t get me wrong; you certainly could create an erotic, sensual evening with this kit!!  However, you get 1, maybe 2 uses out of this stuff, the scent is overpowering at the beginning and I just can’t imagine using that massager.  I just find the price to be too much.  Thanks Eden Fantasys for letting me try this unique bath product!!

4 candles at the beginning of the burn

4 candles after about 1 hour and 5 minutes of burn

product picture
Sensual kit by Bijoux Indiscrets
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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