Nipple Clamps Yay!

10 Oct

So cute and pretty! ^^

I love nipple clamps!  ^^ And these Nipple Charmers are no different! From Good Vibrations these are the adjustible kind.  They come in blue with stars and pink with roses and are about 5″ long.  They are the tweezer style, metal with black rubber caps on the ends that go on the nipples.  I have the blue with stars variety.  Off the back end they have a small dark blue bead, a larger light blue bead then a silver star.  They are really cute and unique!

I have one big complaint tho, and that’s that these nipple clamps are very hard to close.  When you pinch the clamp closed it’s quite hard to do so, which makes it very difficult to slide the o-ring down to get them at the tightness you desire.  If yours are the same way I highly suggest simply playing with them for a while, holding them closed, move the o-ring down and leave them closed like that for some time.  This way they’ll be easier to manipulate when you have them on your nipples.

Since they are tweezer style these aren’t really the kind for use during pain/endurance play.  These are more for decoration when you’re being sexy and sultry.  They would work very well for use in erotic photography.

I give the Nipple Charmers a 4 out of 5! Adorable but a bit difficult to use. Thanks mucho Good Vibrations!


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