sexual beast

11 Oct


So after last night’s incredible session of self love, I’ve discovered that I’m hornier than I have been in a long time.  With all the stress and shit both mine and D’s libido’s has taken a nose dive.  Like, a header into oblivion.  D’s hasn’t recovered yet, but after my sexual foray in the bathtub last night mine seems to have come back.

I’ve never been a bit masturbator.  Dunno why tho.  I’ve always wanted to be though!  I think that now that I have such a large collection of toys and a growing collection of porn it’s easier for me to get into it ‘cuz I don’t always have to have the same thing over and over.

I think a good portion of it may be my intense desire to see if I can squirt.  So, I’m going to start trying different toys and positions until I can find one that will hopefully work.  Thank goodness I have to Liberator Throes! lol

Tonight I’m gonna try a toy I haven’t used in a long time, the Pleasure Pad.  Gonna strap it on a chair in front of my tv and watch some porn and fuck myself.  I’ve got my Lelo Nea charging 😀  I wanted to watch some gay porn but I can’t find mine so I watched some free stuff online to get my juices flowing (pun intended 😉 )

D has only been gone a half hour too LOL Part of me feels bad, but he wasn’t feeling sex today and I know that he in no way begrudges me my self love time.  Heheh

Maybe I’ll take a picture of my set up after I get it all ready ^^

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