I said no

14 Oct


So, I declined this job offer I had.  Supposedly I would have been an affiliates manager, but he was having me do customer service instead.  2 different things, plus I am in no way interested in the industry it was in.  I have sent another resume off for something I’d enjoy more.  I figure since I make enough right now for more than my share of the bills, I can look closely and find a part time job that I’ll enjoy.

D has an interview this afternoon for another part time job.  While there’s a chance the one he has now is gonna keep him permanently, currently the position is seasonal, he must still keep his eyes open for something permanent.

Once again my paycheck is late.  I’m thinking it’s just ‘cuz of Columbus day that it’s late.  ‘Cuz I have a couple other things I should have received today that I haven’t gotten.  Doesn’t make it any less convenient though.  If I don’t get my check tomorrow not only will my phone be turned off, but we will have no food (not that we have any now), I won’t make it into the city to meet my penpal and D won’t be able to get to work this weekend.

I was assured more than once that my check would be mailed Monday the 11th, but that was Columbus day.  So I’m sure it was, I’m just paranoid so I’ve emailed my boss just to make sure it was indeed mailed.  I’ve asked this before ‘cuz my check has been late, and I hate being a pain but considering I submitted my invoice almost a month ago and due to whatever reason haven’t gotten it yet, I think I deserve a little leeway in being paranoid.

It seems like every paycheck I’ve received has had something fucked up with it; it’s been late, or missing or not sent on time.  It’s so frustrating!  And totally needless.  I realize that for the most part it’s been just taking a day or two extra in the mail system, but it’s way fucking annoying!

I’m talking with my boss about it all.  ‘Cuz the paycheck in question is so late, it looks like I might be getting paid again next week.  As nice as it is, my phone’s gonna get cut off now probably, plus we are out of food.  Thinking my check would be here yesterday we had enough food for then thru lunch today.  Then we would have cashed my check and be fine.  But no!  And now with some of the emails I”m exchanging with my boss as I write this, I’m even more confused!  *pout*

D’s mom is sending us enough for him to get to work this weekend.  I mean, my check *should* be here tomorrow, since it wasn’t today.  Not surprising if it’s a day late ‘cuz of a holiday, since the post office wasn’t open Monday.  I was told that it would go out on Monday the 11th, so yea.

I’m just so tired of there always being something, ya know?  I think though, even more than that I’m so tired of something being a day or two late and it having such dire consequences.


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