Selfishness and ejaculation

18 Oct

So I realized that with something I was being selfish and demanding.  I’m thankful that I realized it though, so I can rectify my behavior.   I had been stuck in this way of thinking that was “well I want and need this so give it to me!” without really thinking it through, or taking into account D’s feelings, needs and wants on the subject.  Well, I realized it Saturday night, I’ve fixed my behavior and I can already see an improvement 😀

So, tonight I was trying out (for try 2) a couple new toys and I was watching Nina Hartley’s Guide to a Sex Party.  And I ejaculated!!  WWWEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  I actually was so sensitive afterwards I couldn’t even touch my inner labia.  Now I didn’t squirt, and the liberator wasn’t very wet, but I could feel it run down my pussy, and there WAS a wet spot on the liberator.  *squeals happily*

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hosting package yet.  It’ll be a couple more weeks before I can.  I mis-budgeted 😦

Although, happily, I actually have set pay periods now.  And I’m getting paid every 2 weeks instead of once a month, so while my checks will be smaller I won’t have to wait so long between pay periods.  We’re going to be a bank account too.  Dunno where yet, but I’m tired of going to this check cashing place and paying so much to cash my checks.

D’s job is going very well.  They are really super impressed with him, he may be getting full time hours soon, and they may hire him on officially.  Plus, it’s possible the manager may be training D to take over for him O_O Now, that’s in no way for sure or even probable.  However, it’s remote and that there’s even random signs of that is awesome! 🙂

Anyway, I’m gonna check out some of the bonus features on Nina Hartley’s movie here, then watch me some more NCIS 😀

(Randomly, I totally fucked myself to NCIS last night, and is it like, disturbing that it was WAY HOT??? hehehehe…yea, that is SO happening again ^^)

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