My Vagina is In Love With The Harmonia

20 Oct

It's a dresser just for the toy!! ^^

Okay.  The Harmonia is one of those sex toys that when you try to remove it from your vagina it clamps down and says “Fuck off Bitch! This baby is MINE!!”  Every time I use this vibrator, when I try to remove it my vagina clenches it and makes me get off at least once more.  Mind you, I’m hardly complaining!

Made out of silicone, this baby is 9″ long with 7″ of them being insertible.  It’s got a hooked g-spot bulge that finds mine with almost no work from me.  It was with the Harmonia that I first ejaculated!  She takes 2AAA batteries that are included.  Simply twist off the bottom of the toy (it’s the lighter green part) and they slip in.  If you look closely you will see which one goes + side up.  It’s embossed on the outside of the battery compartment.

The box is *almost* the best part!

The packing fucking rocks!  The top of the chest has a little door that opens and you can see the toy.  Otherwise there are 2 drawers.  The top has a foam insert for the Harmonia to nestle securely in.  The bottom has an advertisement book for other toys by Close2You, a sample toy cleaner (It’s a 1 use wipe.  It works okay, not great not bad.)  Lube, though the 2nd ingredient is glycerin so I’m unable to use it.  And a lovely velvet pouch if you want to store your Harmonia in something other than the box.  If nothing, it’s worth it just for the killer box!

The foam of the box does give the vibrator a faint foamy smell, but it’s not noticeable unless you have your face right on the toy.

I'm in love.

She’s controlled by 2 buttons on the battery cap.  There’s one power button that has the standard “power” symbol.  A circle with a dash on one side.  Above that is a dot that’s a button.  It controls the functions.  It’s got 3 vibrations and several pulsations and escalations.  She’s medium loud, you’ll need a closed door plus a tv/radio on to cover up the sound.  I have to say that it’s really  nice to have a separate power button.  There’s few things worse than getting into it and needing to cycle or something to turn off the darn vibrator.

If you take a look at the vibrator, the thinnest part of the shaft is bendable, yet still firm.  This is *great* because of how ergonomic it is.  I LOVE this feature.  Being a larger girl sometimes there’s issues with toys that are too short.  The length of this toy allows me to move it as I need to to find the right spot.  Plus, the bendability plus the firmness of the bendy part gives me the flexibility needed yet the firmness for it to still hit the spot.  Sometimes bendy toys are too bendy and have no pressure.

Battery end.

Since she’s silicone you’ll need to store her alone, though with this awesome packaging that’s hardly a problem. Also, make sure she doesn’t spend too much time touching other silicone toys, and make sure to use only water based lubes and toy cleaners. Since she is silicone you can use a 10% bleach solution to clean her as well. (that’s 90% water to 10% bleach). She is also waterproof, but because of the motor don’t submerge her. She IS safe for use above water (I am 100% comfortable suing her in the tub and making sure the end with the battery cap is above the water.)

Basically, if you have a g-spot you need this toy.  The hooked end hits it perfectly.  As I said before.  It’s with the Harmonia that I finally ejaculated.  5 out of 5!!  Can I have 2 please?  One for each hand??? Thanks Eden Fantasys !!!

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Close2You
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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8 responses to “My Vagina is In Love With The Harmonia

  1. the bedroom blogger

    October 21, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    I totally need one of these. Thanks for the review!


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