Nina's Guide to Sex Parties

20 Oct

DVD front cover

So, I was uber excited to get this.  However, I was disappointed.  I suppose it’s one of those I had too high of an expectation.  Not sure.

Nina Hartley’s Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party however is more sex scene than instruction video. Sold by Tabu Toys this DVD helps you plan for and execute your own sex party.  Now, when I read this I was more expecting an orgy.  However, that’s not so.  It’s more of a party where the host or hostess invites people over they’d like to have sex with and then has the party where all those people have sex with only the host or hostess.

They talk about safety, rules, timing, costumes and so forth.  It’s Nina Hartley talking and one other female porn star.  Mostly, this extra female is only arm candy for Nina.  They sit there in sexy clothes while this female is posed all over Nina, sometimes with her pussy exposed and pointing at the camera.  While it was cute for the first few minutes, after that it became just too much.  It was way obviously staged and while it was clear that some of what Nina said was her ad libbing, it was plain that this female was taking cues for what to say.  While that’s understandable when making a movie, it was painfully obvious.

The sex scenes are good.  The first is Nina with 3 men and 1 woman wearing a strap on.   She demonstrates very well how the hostess should be in charge and stay in charge.  The second scene was Evan Stone (yum!) with several women.  This scene was a little more rough, as it tends to be with Evan.  With Nina’s scene they all waited around for her and didn’t really do anything with each other.  It was nice to see in Evan’s scene that a couple of the women would play with each other while he was giving attention to others.

All in all, I think they should have spent more time talking about sex parties.  They spoke only of the kind where the host/ess is inviting people over for the sole purpose to fuck them.  Since it’s titled “sex party” I feel that they should have also addressed parties where it’s more orgy style where many couples are having sex with each other, rather than exclusively with the host/ess.

3 out of 5!  Good, but this adult DVD could have been so much more.  Thanks so much Tabu Toys!!


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