Symphonic Erotica

20 Oct

Cal Exotic's Symphony

Truth be told, when I received the Symphony from Tabu Toys I immediately thought I’d be disappointed.  For some reason, my brain started telling me everything it thought I wouldn’t like about it, from the battery compartment to it’s volume.  And, while it’s quite loud, turns out I”m really quite fond of this little clit toy!  Well, during the right circumstances at least LOL So.  By Califonrnia Exotics this vibrator is a tad short with 5″ being insertible.  Well, it’s short if you like more than 5″ insertible.  The insertible end is only 1.25″ thick, which can actually be quite nice.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a lighter sensation rather than the intensity that a very thick toy can provide.

I am not comfortable taking her close to any water.  While the battery compartment does secure tightly with an o-ring the button does not look so secure.  There is a visible space between the button and the rest of the toy.  I would not feel safe taking a chance of water getting in there.

2 AAA batteries

The Symphony takes 2 AAA batteries that do not come with it.  There’s a picture on the inside of the battery compartment to show you which battery goes + side up.  It comes in a simple plastic box with a plastic insert the vibrator sits in.  Nothing special though if you take care with it you can use it for storage.  The cap for the vibrator twists to the side.  There’s a notch on the piece that comes off showing if it’s “locked” or “unlocked”.  Though, if it’s sitting at an angle to the rest of the toy it’s not secure.  The notch needs to be facing away from the side that has the button on it. There are 2 speeds, medium and fast.  There are 3 pulsations/escalations.  I am not a fan of pulsations/escalations.  The fast vibration is excellent for me.   Due to only the one button you need to cycle through all the vibrations to turn it off.  This is too bad ‘cuz it can take away from your fun having to keep pushing it so it doesn’t just stay on.  There is no “hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it off” feature.

Ergonomic and smooth.

The Symphony is nicely ergonomic and smooth. It’s plastic with Cal Exotic’s “velvet cote” finish on it which makes it feel wonderful against the skin.  I do not get awesome orgasms with this toy.  What I do get is amazing foreplay.  For me she provides incredible soft and diffuse stimulation which really helps me get going. This is the toy to use if you are in the mood but need to softly coax your body to get with the program.  This is the toy to turn on and lightly caress your nipples and labia with.  This sex toy would also be great to put a little vibration against your man’s balls.

I have one major complaint though and that is the seam that goes along the entirety of the toy.  I have found that some juices can get caught in it, so keep an eye on that and if you need to drag your nail or perhaps a toothpick (or another similar item) through the seam to get those things out to keep the toy sterile.  It’s plastic so it’s non porous, but with the seam if it’s not fully clean that can provide a dangerous bacteria growth area. Since the Symphony is plastic you can use silicone lubes if you want.

All in all, I give the Symphony a 4 out of 5!!  Thanks for letting me try her out Tabu Toys!  It has a very specific use, but for hat use she’s perfect!!


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