The Gal Pal

20 Oct

Yes. It looks like a gun.

Sold by Fascinations the Gal Pal is a strapless, double ended vibrating dildo. It’s manufactured by Doc Johnson. It really is a quality toy. However, when it comes to functionality it’s lacking.  It’s about 8 1/2″ long on the longest end.  The “handle” is about 3 1/2″ of insertible toy.  About 4″ of the long part is insertible while one partner is thrusting into the other.  The “bulge” that you see far back on the “shaft” end close to the “handle” end is about where it sits against the clit of the “wearer” of this vibrating sex toy.

It’s made of TPR, so it is a bit porous.  I’d use a condom if you’re not fluid bound with your partner.  Also, make sure to thoroughly clean it.  Both water based and silicone lubes are safe with this toy.

Rear end. Non-removable vibrator.

The vibrator is in the rear end of the toy.  It takes 2AAA batteries.  In order for mine to work I needed to keep the paper inside of the battery compartment, so the batteries were snug.  The cap needs to be very tight.  It’s just a simple twist dial, turning one way for in; it is only vibrations going from 1 to about 4.  It only vibrates in the shaft.  The “handle” does not vibrate.  Also, the vibrator does *not* come out.  This is quite inconvenient if you really like this toy, but the vibrator dies and you can’t replace it, or just use it without it.

It’s advertised that this dildo is waterproof.  Since the vibrator does not come out, I’d classify it as splash proof, not waterproof.  I would be comfortable taking it in the shower, just not under the stream of water, if that makes sense.  Like, I’d be using it while the water is on my back, not my front.  And I’m the one using it.

Now.  This vibrating dildo is a strapless strap on.  Meaning, the wearer inserts the handle into her vagina, then she can fuck someone else with the shaft end.  The diameter of the handle is about 4″.  When I had it in and began thrusting it fell out almost immediately.  I barely used any lube.  In order for it to stay in while I was thrusting I had to press it up into my vagina and hold it there.

In my opinion, this sex toy is a good toy for beginners to this unique style of dildo.  If you’re even an intermediate user of strapless strap ons I’d continue on to something a little more higher quality.  Truth be told, the quality of make is there.  It just seems poorly designed to me.

All in all, 2 out of 5.  Thanks for letting me try this unique toy Fascinations! I’m quite interested in them now and wanting to try another one!! ^^


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