Crash Pad Rope Burn Does NOT Crash and Burn!!

21 Oct

DVD cover

So, when I first got this adult movie from Babeland, I couldn’t wait to watch it!  I’m having a hard time deciding what sorts of porn I like, so I’m just watching all kinds until I find my niche. Oh shucks right? Lots of porn! LOL

Rope Burn is the 4th installment of the Crash Pad series. It’s by Blowfish Productions. It’s my first intro to it the Crash Pad Series.  This movie has a lot of aspects that I love.  You can tell the participants are truly enjoying what they’re doing.  There’s liberal use of safer sex practices and there’s some spicy rough sex and BDSM during it!  Plus, during the D/s and BDSM scenes it’s quite obvious there’s a lot of “checking in” and making sure that the bottom is doing alright, up to and including direct questions “how are your hands feeling?” as an example.

The video is set up in a nice voyeuristic style, with someone watching via a video camera in another room.  The couples meet up in this apartment (or hotel?) room and do their thing.  Rope Burn has a decidedly D/s / BDSM feel for all of the scenes with some being erotic power exchange up to face slapping, spanking and light bondage.

This video is all women, and all rougher sex.  There is no plot to this video, it’s just sex.  At the end there are quick check in’s with the actresses which is pretty neat.  They talk a little bit about something that surprised them during the sex, or what they liked most about it, etc. I really enjoyed that part.  There are 5 sex scenes, the last being the longest and roughest.  And then a 6th scene owhich is the “interview” at the end.

The movie is about an hour and a half long.  It’s basically 80-90 minutes of girls having sex, spanking each other, Dominating and being Dommed, getting bound and gagged and so on and so forth.  Oh shuckee darn!! lol

I also LOVE that a couple of the actresses were bigger women.  It’s really nice to see different body shapes in porn nowadays.

I have to give Crash Pad 4; Rope Burn a 4.5 out of 5!! Thanks Babeland!!!


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