An amazing day

25 Oct

So this morning while me and D were in the hot tub (that was disappointingly cool…) we spur of the moment decided that he’d leave a few hours early for work and I’d go with him.  Today was incredible!   It was special and amazing and happy and wonderful ^^

Scientology building

Pretty much the first gift D has bought me 🙂 I love it!

Where we had lunch Nom-tastic!! (Yes, in Little Italy 😀 )

So today was really the first time I’d strayed from tourist-alley.  This part of town is tourist heavy, but it’s not Fisherman’s Wharf or Market Street.  It was just…amazing.  (Yes, this is Little Italy; all the poles of the Italian flag on them.)  The history and culture is just…it just permeates everything.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral


Pier 43 behind me. Golden Gate Bridge behind the Navy ship.

We were gonna walk down Columbus street again, but I saw how close we were to the water and so D agreed that we could walk down Powel street instead and see if we could get to the boardwalk.  Which we could 🙂 and we ended up at Fisherman’s Wharf.

San Francisco from the Wharf.

A floating restaurant.

A cargo ship! I LOVE big ships!!! ^^

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