28 Oct

So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday.  I’m already feeling better, though my back is so bad the chiropractor said that coming back in right away today wouldn’t be too soon.  However, I’m not made of money so I’m going back next Friday.  He was actually really great.  Gave the the most thorough chiro. exam I’ve ever had, which made me feel very good, ‘cuz then he’d much better know what was going on with me.  He did take x-rays as well, but both sets he took didn’t come out.  Must be my magnetic personality LOL What was really great was that he only charged me for the exam.  Not the treatment or x-rays.  I’ll be happy to go back to get even more fixed up.  I have some aftercare shit of course, as well.  From what I gathered the big problem right now is a damaged joint in my lower thorasic region (? Hope I got that right.)

Things are amazing between me and D 🙂  The time apart is doing us so much good, after the 24/7 being together during such a bad time for us.  I know it’s allowing us to so much better enjoy the time we spend together.  And considering that he’s working 7 days a week right now that’s not that much time LOL And most of it us with us sleeping.  After the awesomness of this day we’ve decided that on Mondays I will go into town with D and we’ll leave early and then spend the afternoon just bumming around town, having lunch at little bistro’s and stuff.  I’m really excited for this and can’t wait for this coming Monday so we can have our second “Monday.”  There were a lot of little shops and businesses we wanted to check out last Monday that we didn’t get to ‘cuz we ended up at the Pier, so that’s on the schedule for this coming Monday.  I’m so excited about us having a special day like this 😀 It’s like a date afternoon rather than a date night LOL

D’s libido really hasn’t come back, at least to the extent that it used to be there.  However, this has allowed sensuality to begin reigning, which I am 100% happy with.  See, in my past relationships my partner wouldn’t really touch me unless they wanted sex.  As such, whenever D would touch me, especially if it was in a sexual spot like my breasts I would assume it meant he was puttin’ the moves on me and wanting sex.  Over the last few weeks this has caused some problems for us.  However, we’ve has some talks about sex lately and now I realize that I had been “trained” to think that way and now D knows why I would react like I did.  So, now I’m able to work through those thoughts and feelings and much better and easier accept touch as just that; touch.  Which has lead to some just plain good feelings.

We did have some great morning sex yesterday though hehehe.  D woke up and ended up giving me some nipple orgasms.  Which I’ve sense learned are a gateway orgasm for me.  If you start out with nipplegasms for me, I need the whole shebang after that.  Anyway, D says that he let me masturbate myself with his cock LOL It was great! 😀

He knows I’m masturbating a lot more now.  And he knows why; ‘cuz lately I’m simply hornier than he is.  We’ve talked about it.  He’s 100% cool with it 🙂

So I’m waiting for the maintenance man to come.  They’re doing this safety check (we’re thinking on the smoke detectors and such) and we also need them to check out our toilet, it’s being way weird.  It sounds like it’s running constantly, but unless we just flushed there’s not water running.  Yea.  Weird. Since they don’t know we have cats I’ve got 2 stashed away on the balcony and going to put another in a closet while he’s here.  They’ve seen 1 cat in here before so that’s not unusual for them to see. *sighs* Should be here in an hour or less.  I hope so, I feel so bad having the cats put away like that! 😦  They’re SO getting treats and nip when this is all said and done…


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