Rock Chick ROCKS!

30 Oct


The Purple People...uhh, rather the Rock Chick ūüėČ

This is the Rock Chick. I’ve been curios about toys like this since I first saw them. I’ve tried the Wi-Vibe II and the Mini G-Rock both to no joy or avail. Both are in the bottom of my don’t-use drawer. When Babeland offered to let me review the Rock Chick I almost said no. But, this one looked bigger and better formed. So, I said yes. Especially since I’m learning how to ejaculate and figuring out how my g-spot works.

So. ¬†The rock chick is about 4″ long insertible – this is the “leg” that does not have the vibrator on it. ¬†It’s smooth, about 2″ thick and has a hooked end to massage the g-spot. ¬†The other “leg” is ribbed on both sides, but more so on the side that hits your labia and clit. ¬†And boy it feels good! ¬†This end has a 1-speed vibrator in it and is about 3″ long. ¬†It runs off of an N battery, which is randomly annoying ‘cuz it’s not the most common, however it *does* come with one which is certainly nice!



The Rock Chick is made out of silicone. ¬†As such, it’s flexible. ¬†you can bend it both ways; together and apart. ¬†This lends for good ability to maneuver it just how you need it to hit the right spot. ¬†It is a bit firm though, you can’t see it in the pics but I was working fairly hard for it to hold those positions.

Since it’s silicone make sure to use water based lube with it. ¬†Also, it’s nice and sterilizable with a 10% bleach solution. ¬†For cleaning though, those ribs that hit the clit can really collect body fluids and lube, so make sure to check there before you put your toy away.

The vibrator IS removable. ¬†This makes the toy itself (with the vibrator *removed* boilable. ¬†If you choose to remove the vibrator it’s very hard to do so, I actually had the cap pop off even though it ws screwed all the way on; so I take this as this vibrator is *not* waterproof despite the o-ring. ¬†It popped off way too easy. ¬†However with as deeply embedded as it is in the sex toy, I would take it as splash proof. ¬†I actually got a lot of water on it when I was washing the toy and none got into the compartment. ¬†When re-inserting the vibrator I’d use some water-based lube to make the re-insertion and re-removal easier.

The button on the vibrator is hard to push; I have to push very hard for it to turn on and off. ¬†I actually cannot do it while the toy is inserted in my vagina; I need to turn it on or off when it’s outside of me so I can get a good grip on it and push hard.



Holding it; my hand is kinda big, the toy isn't large, but it isn't small either.

Using the toy… I was surprised how much I like it actually. I’ve had problems before finding g-spot vibrators that work with my anatomy. ¬†I’ve had even less success with dual stimulation vibrators. ¬†Typically I need to just use multiple toys at once. ¬†However, the Rock Chick, probably due to it’s size, works great! ¬†For stimulating my clit it’s a tad long to fall right on my clit, plus my outer labia are quite thick so I need to sort of pull them apart and push the toy inside them, however once it’s all said and done it is so worth it!

The trick to using a toy like this is the rocking motion. ¬†For me I grip it at the mid-section and kind of do a pull-push type motion. ¬†This stimulates my g-spot then on the up-pull of it, (the anti-thrust movement) it bumps my clit and stimulates my labia. ¬†I also really like holding it inside me and squeezing it with my legs. ¬†Typically I’m turned on my side while I do this. ¬†This movement is great if you’re doing double penetration with an anal toy ‘cuz by having this toy in you and squeezing your legs you’re getting penetration and clit stimulation and then being on your side you can play with your ass as well and get all that stimulation. ¬†It’s great!

All in all the Rock Chick gets a 4.5 out of 5!  Good grief THANK YOU BABELAND!!


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