The Chocolate Is Good…

30 Oct

1oz tube

…The Chocolate Is Great…Surrender Your Fate to the Chocolate this Day! (Bonus points if you can catch my reference here! 😉 )

You know, sometimes sex toys aren’t always vibrators and such.  Chocolate Body Paint from MyPleasure is just nommy!  It tastes like Hershey’s syrup and comes in a re-closable 1oz tube.  It sits on the lid so it’s always down there; you don’t have to shake it or pound it or anything like that.  Plus, it’s one of those caps where the mess is inside the lid rather than on the outside.  It comes in a 3-pack which is awesome.  The 1oz tubes are actually a perfect size for travel ^^

This is body paint; not lube.  The ingredients are: glucose-fructose, glucose, water, cocoa powder, caramel, salt, natural and simulated flavors and potassium sorbate.  As such it is in no way safe for internal use.  I shudder to think of the yeast infection this baby would give you.  Either way it’s very, very thick.  This is something to play with on the skin.

After licking my arm - it's quite thick and tasty!

It comes out in a thin line and after licking still stays a bit on the skin.  It does get caught in hair and such, so if you’re using this on someone who has a lot of body hair; be prepared for a shower afterwards LOL If I were you I’d use this right in the shower! Grab some shower safe sex toys , write all over your lovers body, lick it up then wash off the sugary residue! 😉

For using this shake it first, and then it needs to be refrigerated after opening.  Beware of late night cravings though!  This stuff tastes so good you could just squirt it right into your mouth for a chocolate fix!

As for any alternative uses; other than a quick chocolate fix I see none.  It’s not the right consistency for massage and either way, it’s not going to absorb into the skin.  It has 2 uses – 1 – being nommy-liscious 2 – being great for foreplay writing on your lovers skin!!

Awesome product!  5 out of 5!  Thanks MyPleasure!


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