The Tantus Royal

30 Oct

The Tantus Royal (It's really not pink..dunno why it's showing as such)

Having as many sex toys as I do, sometimes I like to try something new and different.  So yes, I reviewed a prostate massager. Why you ask? Well, #1 ‘cuz the Royal is a Tantus product and I’m hooked on Tantus. And #2 – ‘Cuz I was curious.  Since prostate toys and g-spot toys can be interchangeable, I was curious if it would work with this Tantus toy.

Available at MyPleasure this Tantus toy is on the small size.  It’s 4″ long and only 1 3/8″ thick at the widest point.  It comes with a standard bullet vibrator you can insert in the bottom with a little lube.  It runs on 3 watch batteries that are included.  The vibrations do travel quite well through this butt toy.  Since it’s 100% silicone with the vibrator not inserted it’s boilable and needs water based lube.

Size comparison with the Tantus Ripple Large.

I was actually disappointed with this toy.  Because this toy is so small, the hooked end puts very little pressure on the g-spot or the prostate.  (***if you use this in your butt first, make sure to either use a condom or sterilize the toy before inserting it into your vagina — safety first please!)  My g-spot needs much harder stimulation.  As for my enjoyment of this sex toy anally I really enjoyed the unique sensation, however it didn’t last very long.  It’s just too small for me to enjoy in my butt.  (Though, I never thought I would say that! LOL)  The entire time I was using it I was like “oohhh yes just a little more, just a little more!!” and that little more never came ‘cuz of the size.  I hope the Royal has a big brother somewhere!!

Really, the Tantus Royal is a beginner’s butt toy. I 100% recommend this if you’re new to butt play. However if you’re even an intermediate butt player (which is where I’m at right now) there are many other sex toys out there that are better suited for intermediate to advanced anal play.

4 out of 5!!  It’s amazing for beginners!  Thanks MyPleasure !!


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