30 Oct

Multicolored self love!!

So I’m waiting for D to get home.  Hes having a bad day today and his boss noticed so he said that when the other guy gets back from his lunch break D could leave early if he wanted to.  Sounded like he was going to.  Dunno what’s wrong, he was saying that he’s just depressed today, so I’m glad he can come home so he can defrag a bit.  I hope I can help somehow.  With depression it’s so hard, ya know?

There in the pic is what I played with today ^^ Loved it!

mah butt!

My thigh 🙂 Shorts like this are SO HOT!

So I went and worked out the other day.  It felt so good, but when I went to the chiropractor I’m sort of on “light duty” right now until my back can get fixed up more.  Happily though, I am moving a lot more easily and I can walk a lot more than I could before.

This was a very good thing ‘cuz we ended up taking…perhaps not a wrong bus but the bus didn’t stop where we thought it was going to on that leg of the trip, so we ended up taking a bus that took us father away from home than we were when we got on the bus LOL whoops!  Although the majority of the reason we took the bus was so I didn’t have to walk this bridge that has a very steep incline on it.  That incline did worse for my back than the whole probably 3 mile walk.

Well, she wanted to get in shape too!

Yea, that one was too much for her LOL silly Apple Kitty!

When I exercised last weekend Apple Kitty wanted to help 🙂  So, she went on the treadmill a bit, and tried some weight lifting.  She preferred just sitting back and watching Food Network though 😛

So I’ve come to realize that I’m working on “feeling sexy.”  Not so much being sexy, as sexy is subjective and relative.  So I’m trying to figure out what makes me feel sexy and then work it into my life.  Of course eating healthier is part of this.

We haven’t been doing very good on the whole healthy eating thing lately.  We’ve been eating more candy and chips than we like to, as well as drinking more soda.  Thankfully I’ve found this green tea ginger ale that’s helping curb my soda cravings.  I think part of the difficulty is that having a little extra money now it’s easier to buy it as we have the money.  Hopefully we’re getting it out of our systems so we can start eating healthier, sooner.

I’m still really wanting another job.  Well, more specifically I’m wanting more income lol I’m not a work-a-holic.  Certainly not.  No way, no how.  If I could make money doing nothing I would!  But, that’s me.

bleh, I’m gonna watch Lie To Me lol

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