31 Oct

So, I went to our local garden today.  It’s one where you can rent a plot out of it.  It’s actually a good price, and a decent sized plot.  (19′ by 26′)  Turns out that my friend B has a garden there and knows a lot about local gardening!!  She said I could go with her whenever I want to!  Also, turns out the garden is really close to me.  Not necessarily walking distance, but totally biking distance.

You can do whatever you want with the garden; including fence it as you want, etc.  Plus it’s locked, you need a key to get in.  AND it’s an organic garden!  You cannot use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  I like that you can fence it as you will, ‘cuz then you can also lock it and such.  I’m strongly considering doing this.  I really, really want to.

My plants on my altar cabinet.

Frank (rosemary) and Bob (aloe) Frank is now in a bigger glass.

Drying Rosemary

I’m going to talk to D about it tonight, getting the garden.  I hope he’s okay with it 🙂

My friend B gave me the aloe, as well as the rosemary.  The aloe was in much worse condition than it is now.  I’m going to be cutting him down soon and repotting him.  The rosemary..well, her rosemary bush is gy-norma-gantuon.  It’s massive!  So, giving me these few pieces…well, you couldn’t even tell LOL

I hope I can get the garden plot!

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