Tantus' Large Ripple

01 Nov


The Tantus Ripple LARGE

Now.  When I say large, I mean Large! the Tantus Ripple is an incredible anal plug.  Actually considering it’s size you could probably consider it a dildo! Available at Babeland Toys this is a 100% silicone butt toy with no vibrator, so you can boil it, dishwash it, or use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it.  Also, since it’s silicone make sure to store it so it’s not touching any other toy, as well as use only water based lubes.

Very flexible!

The silicone is quite soft, flexible and malleable so this toy is incredible for long term wear!  It’s 6 1/2″ long, so it’s a tad bit shorter than many anal beads and longer than a lot of other butt plugs.  The butt plug is nicely graduated with 4 ripples.  They begin at about 1″ around and graduate up to a thick 3″ around.  The space between the ripples also graduates, between the first and second ripples the space is perhaps 3/4″ around, whereas it’s a good 1 1/2″ around between the third and fourth ripples.

As for the color it’s advertised as a metallic purple, which many Tantus products are, however mine is a solid black.  Truth be told it’s a little disappointing, however life certainly goes on 🙂

Size comparison to my bottle of Climax Anal Lube

Use wise, this butt plug is BIG.  I’d register is as an intermediate butt toy.  If I’m not all randy and warmed up and everything I can only take in 3 ripples.  Even so, this toy stays in very, very well.  I am so happy with this butt plug!  Honestly?  This is the first butt plug I’ve really loved.  It works great as a long term toy and also as a dildo; it’s long enough that you can grasp the nicely flared base and thrust to get an incredible, amazing sensation.  PLUS with how soft and forgivable the silicone is this toy works incredible for some intense double penetration!  😀

It’s packaging is the standard Tantus clear plastic box, with a clear plastic clam shell insert.  However mine seemed to be a bit too small.  It sticks out the top of the clamshell insert so it can’t really be properly closed.  However, it still works for storage to keep the integrity of the toy.  As a random aside; if you ever get a Tantus box and can’t find the name of the toy, look on the back of the box, near the bottom.  There’s a small white sticker with the name of the toy there 🙂

Eye from the sky 😉

This toy is perfectly smooth.  There are no seams or anything like that.  The only non-smooth thing on it is the embossed Tantus logo on the base.  Now, if you want this toy but it’s too big, there is a smaller version.  Just make sure to choose the Ripple “small” rather than the Ripple “large.”

Please, let me reiterate that the Tantus Ripple Large is NOT in any way a toy for an anal play beginner.  Even if you’re adventurous this is a large toy!  This is a toy to help someone get used to something large in their bum.  If you’re working up to anal sex then this is perfect for you!

I LOVE THIS TOY!!  Thanks Babeland!  Total 5 out of 5!!!!


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