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07 Nov

I am a Green Witch

So I’m still tossing around the idea of going back to school.  Thing is, my interests lie in forensics.  However, is that something that I really wanna do full time, ya know?  I cherish working from home.  I love what I do now and what I’m planning for my crafts and such to be sold.  (Which, unfortunately is moving slower than I wanted, however I think that’s as it should be.)  Do I really want my ever work day to be filled with dead bodies and such?

I do love forensics.  I love forensic anthropology and anthropological linguistics and handwriting analysis.  I love studying serial killer cases.  I love studying what the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit does.  However, do I want that to be my every day?  I don’t think so.  *sighs* I love my alternative lifestyle.  I think that part of me that still tries to fit in and be what “I’m supposed to be” is trying to sabotage, ya know?

On another note I’ve decided that I’m going to be doing is starting my own Meetup group here in East Bay.  I’ve been looking for one in East Bay (or even San Francisco) but haven’t been able to find one that I really click with.  So, hopefully end of December paycheck or January paycheck I’ll be doing that 😀  My group will be a little more specific than the other ones available.  Most of the Pagan Meetups out here (and anywhere really) are mainly just gather and socialize.  Some have rituals.  Mine will be neither, and both.

Mine will be more geared towards Witches, and will not involve ritual.  It’ll involve getting together and talking about the mechanics of Witchcraft, tips and tricks for making spell bottles/jars, talismans, herb harvesting, etc.  I’ve emailed my friend B (sorta my sister witch out here) to see if she wants to be a part of it.

I’ve also decided that 100% I want my garden plot! So, I’m trying to find out at what date the money is due, and how much the deposit is.  It’s fully refundable deposit, so long as you clean your plot when you leave the community garden.  Totally reasonable in my opinion.  I’m really excited about it, not only for the fresh veggies and such, not only being able to harvest my own herbs (I need a bolline for that! eek! :D) but also ‘cuz I’m going to make a fearie garden in it!  Which will include faerie furniture.  Which I realized that I can make more of and sell! 😀  So, once I get my website and store set up (I’ve got my hosting package.  Just need to get my domain transfered and start actually making my website LOL) that’ll be on my list of things available ^^

See, in the end this is the life that really calls to me.  Working from home so I can do these variety of things.  I have a full and strong belief in sustainable priestessing.  This means that for a lot of my priestessly services I have no compunctions about charging something.  However 1 – not a lot.  2 – i’d never turn someone away for lack of funds. and 3 – I whole-heartedly believe in an exchange system.  (EG – I give you a tarot reading; you give me a rune reading, or cook me a meal, or give me a sage wand.) Things like that.

In my heart of hearts I just want to be me; a Green Witch.

A blossoming Green Witch am I,
With plant wisdom and magic to share.
A child of the flowers am I,
With blossoms budding from my hair.
A friend of the Fairies am I,
A crown of leaves and flowers I wear.
A daughter of the Earth am I,
Walking Her ways with feet ever bare.
A sister of the waters am I,
Flowing wild and free without a care.
At one with the blowing winds am I,
Singing softly through the midnight air.
A keeper of the fire am I,
Let me kindle your passions if you dare.
Connected in Spirit with You am I,
Fused together as one in prayer.
Copyright © 1992 Oceanna de la Mare

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