Website Review; MoreLockers.Com

15 Feb

So, ever since I’ve been old enough to want a real house of my own and also be able to visualize how I’d want it decorated and all, I’ve wanted lockers. The nice thing about lockers is you can have different sizes and colors, plus they’re pretty secure. Since a lot of them are metal and all.

However so often with the thought of lockers comes the visual of school lockers. Well, I don’t know about any of you but school lockers are not what I’d want in my home. However, More Lockers actually has lockers that aren’t school lockers!  If you go to their website, it’s organized quite nicely; right along the top you can click on several tabs that show what sorts of lockers they have.  And they have everything from the good old fashioned metal school lockers to nice and fancy designer lockers. Yes. Designer lockers!

They have some wonderful wood lockers, cubbies and even ones with designs on them and that are various colors!  It’s nice to know of this website because if I ever get a house of my own now I know where I can get the lockers and/or cubbies that I want!

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