23 Mar

Hi all!  Thought I’d give a bit of an update; I actually have a few things to say! LOL

First off, D’s employer has said they’ll give us an advance on his pay, at the end of the money.  So that’s uber good; we will be able to get over this hump!  I’ve figured out that in the end, I really didn’t want to go home, I just wanted to know 100% which way we were going; are we going or staying?  And as soon as I’d be okay with whatever was going on things would change and we’d be going the other direction.  There is such a profound sense of relief!

I went to full moon ritual last Saturday night and it was amazing.  I can’t really say how amazing, there aren’t words to describe it.  It really helped me to remember just why I moved, why I love it here, and so forth.  So that’s awesome!

Lastly the cats still have fleas, like we could just get rid of them with everything we’ve done! LOL  Tomorrow I’m going to be doing a ritual, calling on both Sehkmet and Bastet, and possibly Thor to help with this battle, and (as I type this one of the cats is climbing on me) then I’m going to be really going to war, holistically; I have several things I’ll be doing to kill the fleas, repel the fleas and so forth and then after a few more days I’m going to bathe the cats again in flea shampoo.

My mom is visiting in 3 weeks (as of today! EEK!) and I must have this taken care of before then.  Plus, I’ve learned a lot about fleas and so I’ll be able to keep things at a good status quo; since 1 – there’s no freezing here and 2 – there’s a ton of cats in the complex we live in, I’m not surprised we have them and I’ll be able to keep us protected from them in the future.

Also, one of my Sisters from the Full Moon circle is an animal communicator and is coming over in the morning!  She may have some Advantage left that she’d bring to help medicate my kitties and she’s going to be talking to my cats (those who will talk to her) and see what they have to say.

We still have some stressors; making sure we actually get the pay advance; making sure we don’t have problems with my rent assistance, figuring out how we’re going to eat for the next few weeks, figuring out how we’re going to get cat food and litter for the next few weeks, me waiting to hear about a couple job prospects as well as disability (I’d prefer disability).  But, at least we have a home!


Update:  So, I actually couldn’t post this yesterday ‘cuz wordpress wasn’t working.  So I’m posting it now.  Happily yesterday D did get the pay advance check from his employers.  Just now it’s getting it deposited and hoping it clears in time!  (I’m sure it will, usually checks are available in 2 days.

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