The Wonder of the Bendable You Too

25 Mar

Size comparison, next to a 20oz Coke bottle.

You gotta love Evolved’s sex toys. They are unique and quality yet well priced. And the Bendable You Too .

It comes in pink and purple, though the packaging is not the rockin’ long term uber-box that Evolved’s toys usually come in. This comes in a plastic case with a plastic insert. You could use it again, but it’s not the high quality box that usually comes with Evolved vibrators.

It’s 8 inches long and has a cord to a power pack.  The cord is over 2 feet long which I really like, you can get in whatever position you want and not have to worry about the cord being too short.

It has 7 speeds, medium – high – super high and then 4 pulsations.  The cool thing is that it has 2 motors that vibrate with equal power; each on either side of the vibrator itself.  Then there’s about 3-4 inches of the bendy-ness between the motors.

I find this toy to be one of the best for plus sized women out there. With it’s length it’s easy to reach the difficult to reach places.  Not to mention it’s awesome for any sized women (or men!) because you can get it into any position you want.

Yes -- any position you want!!

And you can then straighten it back out.  Now, it never really does get exactly straight again; however the little crimp that seems to stay does not at all affect the performance of the toy at all.

The power pack is easy to use with an on-off button and then a separate button to flip through the patterns.  It takes 2 AAA batteries, just twist off the cap.  And, it IS waterproof!!  There’s a lovely O-ring in the power pack so that is splash proof (I would not recommend submerging the power pack.)  The vibrator itself is safe to be fully immersed in water.

Having said all that; the Bendable You Too is not my favorite toy, not by a long shot.  However, it’s so unique that that totally transcends the not-my-favorite-ness.  This is one of my go-to toys for when I’m taking a bath, I can get it into whatever position my body wants; if I want g-spot, internal or clitoral stimulation it can get it all!

There’s also a little point at the end of the toy (you can see it on the right side of the above photo) that’s really great for clitoral stimulation.  You can get some great dual stimulation with this toy, if your body is the right size.  I find that mine isn’t, so I don’t tend to use it that way.  It does work well for g-spot stimulation, but because the body of the toy is malleable it’s hard to put a lot of pressure up on your g-spot, but if you don’t need/want that then it’s perfect!!

Highly recommended!!

Thanks Eden Fantasys!

Dual stimulation!!


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