Evolved Travel Vibe Anguilla

30 Apr

 Isn’t it freaking cute??  The Evolved travel vibe Anguilla is an itty bitty vibrator.  It’s not really meant for insertion; it’s total length is about 4 1/2″ long with a circumference of about 3 1/2″.  It’s insertible length is maybe 3″ so yea; no insertion.  Mine is pink and you can also get one in purple. While this is a discreet vibrator it’s not necessarily hide-able in plain sight. You can look at it and know it’s a sex toy.

The bottom has a twist off cap with a nice o-ring in it.  It takes just 1 AA battery.  The control button is just one button on the end of the cap.  It has 2 speeds, medium and high.  The one problem is that it’s kind of loud though; this really isn’t a sneak-into-a-public-bathroom vibrator.  However it is GREAT for travel ‘cuz of it’s size and power, if you can get a place where sound wouldn’t matter.  Just a tv and closed door would be enough to mask the volume.

It’s very hard, but also has a lovely velvety feel to it.  It feels wonderful on the clit and labia.  Plus, the unique shape also lends to great sensations as you move it over your sensitive bits.

The package it comes in is a bottle type container.  It’s fairly sturdy see through plastic.   You carefully balance the vibrator on it’s bottom on the bottom of the container then put the top on and it’s totally enclosed.  It also has a little holder on the top, though it doesn’t stay together being held like that, so it’s more for looks unless you tape it closed.

All in all this is a great toy!  Being plastic it’s mostly non-porous; just use a 10% bleach solution or an antibacterial toy cleaner and you’re good!  Just make sure to clean them! LOL

For storage since it’s plastic it’s non reactive with everything but silicone, so you can safely store it outside of it’s container if you wish.  (Considering the container needs to sit on it’s end you just may do so; as I do, store it outside of the container.)

All in all?  4 out of 5!  Thanks Eden Fantasys!!

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