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An expert guide? Yup!

So, there are a few reasons right away to love this DVD.  1 – It’s by Tristan Taormino.  2 – It has Evan Stone in it.  3 – It’s by Vivid.  4 – It’s about female orgasms.  Do I really need to write anything else?  NOPE!  So… that’s all you get…

Haha!  Just kidding.  Anyway, Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms includes over 30 minutes of her explaining, with a little input from a few female and male adult movie stars, all about female orgasms.  They talk about how different positions cause different sensations, how women have several different kinds of orgasms (vaginal, g-spot, clitoral, anal, nipple, any combination thereof, and even some from pain), and one thing I am really glad they talked at length about is how for some women it can take quite some time for a woman to orgasm and how that’s perfectly normal.

Throughout the 30+ minutes of instruction they show different clips which help illustrate a certain point they’re talking about, such as the process of female arousal which includes the outer labia turning pink/red and the inner labia swelling up a bit with the flow of blood going down there.

Some other points Taormino hits upon are: some women make noise, others don’t, some scream; there’s no wrong way to orgasm; anal pleasure; sex toys; female ejaculation. The great thing about this video is that Taormino really knows what she’s talking about and she explains everything using terms many if not all know and understand and she explains those that many may not understand. Also, she is very friendly, calm and sex positive; thus she’s open-minded and has absolutely nothing of the “this is wrong” mindset. She frequently says that there’s no wrong way to orgasm which I think is important for many women toh ear.

There are a few extras on the dvd as well including safer sex practices, kegel exercises, a masturbation montage and a behind the scenes feature.  Something I really enjoyed though is how after the 30 minute segment with Taormino they include sex scenes with all the couples.  The sex scenes are not your normal porn though, as they’re all about showing how these ladies orgasm for real; no porn acting or anything, it’s simply the women having real orgasms in the way that their bodies orgasm.  It was wonderful!!

I highly recommend this video if you’re interested in learning more about female orgasm and if you like to learn from movies. Otherwise, as awesome and thorough as this video is, I would recommend a book in conjunction with the video; the book would be best for instruction and the clips at the end of Taormino’s video showing the adult stars having their own kinds of orgasms are very good for visualizing it all.

Thank you Babland, for sending me this video in exchange for a fair and honest review!!

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