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Evolved Travel Vibe Anguilla

 Isn’t it freaking cute??  The Evolved travel vibe Anguilla is an itty bitty vibrator.  It’s not really meant for insertion; it’s total length is about 4 1/2″ long with a circumference of about 3 1/2″.  It’s insertible length is maybe 3″ so yea; no insertion.  Mine is pink and you can also get one in purple. While this is a discreet vibrator it’s not necessarily hide-able in plain sight. You can look at it and know it’s a sex toy.

The bottom has a twist off cap with a nice o-ring in it.  It takes just 1 AA battery.  The control button is just one button on the end of the cap.  It has 2 speeds, medium and high.  The one problem is that it’s kind of loud though; this really isn’t a sneak-into-a-public-bathroom vibrator.  However it is GREAT for travel ‘cuz of it’s size and power, if you can get a place where sound wouldn’t matter.  Just a tv and closed door would be enough to mask the volume.

It’s very hard, but also has a lovely velvety feel to it.  It feels wonderful on the clit and labia.  Plus, the unique shape also lends to great sensations as you move it over your sensitive bits.

The package it comes in is a bottle type container.  It’s fairly sturdy see through plastic.   You carefully balance the vibrator on it’s bottom on the bottom of the container then put the top on and it’s totally enclosed.  It also has a little holder on the top, though it doesn’t stay together being held like that, so it’s more for looks unless you tape it closed.

All in all this is a great toy!  Being plastic it’s mostly non-porous; just use a 10% bleach solution or an antibacterial toy cleaner and you’re good!  Just make sure to clean them! LOL

For storage since it’s plastic it’s non reactive with everything but silicone, so you can safely store it outside of it’s container if you wish.  (Considering the container needs to sit on it’s end you just may do so; as I do, store it outside of the container.)

All in all?  4 out of 5!  Thanks Eden Fantasys!!

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The Wonder of the Bendable You Too

Size comparison, next to a 20oz Coke bottle.

You gotta love Evolved’s sex toys. They are unique and quality yet well priced. And the Bendable You Too .

It comes in pink and purple, though the packaging is not the rockin’ long term uber-box that Evolved’s toys usually come in. This comes in a plastic case with a plastic insert. You could use it again, but it’s not the high quality box that usually comes with Evolved vibrators.

It’s 8 inches long and has a cord to a power pack.  The cord is over 2 feet long which I really like, you can get in whatever position you want and not have to worry about the cord being too short.

It has 7 speeds, medium – high – super high and then 4 pulsations.  The cool thing is that it has 2 motors that vibrate with equal power; each on either side of the vibrator itself.  Then there’s about 3-4 inches of the bendy-ness between the motors.

I find this toy to be one of the best for plus sized women out there. With it’s length it’s easy to reach the difficult to reach places.  Not to mention it’s awesome for any sized women (or men!) because you can get it into any position you want.

Yes -- any position you want!!

And you can then straighten it back out.  Now, it never really does get exactly straight again; however the little crimp that seems to stay does not at all affect the performance of the toy at all.

The power pack is easy to use with an on-off button and then a separate button to flip through the patterns.  It takes 2 AAA batteries, just twist off the cap.  And, it IS waterproof!!  There’s a lovely O-ring in the power pack so that is splash proof (I would not recommend submerging the power pack.)  The vibrator itself is safe to be fully immersed in water.

Having said all that; the Bendable You Too is not my favorite toy, not by a long shot.  However, it’s so unique that that totally transcends the not-my-favorite-ness.  This is one of my go-to toys for when I’m taking a bath, I can get it into whatever position my body wants; if I want g-spot, internal or clitoral stimulation it can get it all!

There’s also a little point at the end of the toy (you can see it on the right side of the above photo) that’s really great for clitoral stimulation.  You can get some great dual stimulation with this toy, if your body is the right size.  I find that mine isn’t, so I don’t tend to use it that way.  It does work well for g-spot stimulation, but because the body of the toy is malleable it’s hard to put a lot of pressure up on your g-spot, but if you don’t need/want that then it’s perfect!!

Highly recommended!!

Thanks Eden Fantasys!

Dual stimulation!!


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My Vagina is In Love With The Harmonia

It's a dresser just for the toy!! ^^

Okay.  The Harmonia is one of those sex toys that when you try to remove it from your vagina it clamps down and says “Fuck off Bitch! This baby is MINE!!”  Every time I use this vibrator, when I try to remove it my vagina clenches it and makes me get off at least once more.  Mind you, I’m hardly complaining!

Made out of silicone, this baby is 9″ long with 7″ of them being insertible.  It’s got a hooked g-spot bulge that finds mine with almost no work from me.  It was with the Harmonia that I first ejaculated!  She takes 2AAA batteries that are included.  Simply twist off the bottom of the toy (it’s the lighter green part) and they slip in.  If you look closely you will see which one goes + side up.  It’s embossed on the outside of the battery compartment.

The box is *almost* the best part!

The packing fucking rocks!  The top of the chest has a little door that opens and you can see the toy.  Otherwise there are 2 drawers.  The top has a foam insert for the Harmonia to nestle securely in.  The bottom has an advertisement book for other toys by Close2You, a sample toy cleaner (It’s a 1 use wipe.  It works okay, not great not bad.)  Lube, though the 2nd ingredient is glycerin so I’m unable to use it.  And a lovely velvet pouch if you want to store your Harmonia in something other than the box.  If nothing, it’s worth it just for the killer box!

The foam of the box does give the vibrator a faint foamy smell, but it’s not noticeable unless you have your face right on the toy.

I'm in love.

She’s controlled by 2 buttons on the battery cap.  There’s one power button that has the standard “power” symbol.  A circle with a dash on one side.  Above that is a dot that’s a button.  It controls the functions.  It’s got 3 vibrations and several pulsations and escalations.  She’s medium loud, you’ll need a closed door plus a tv/radio on to cover up the sound.  I have to say that it’s really  nice to have a separate power button.  There’s few things worse than getting into it and needing to cycle or something to turn off the darn vibrator.

If you take a look at the vibrator, the thinnest part of the shaft is bendable, yet still firm.  This is *great* because of how ergonomic it is.  I LOVE this feature.  Being a larger girl sometimes there’s issues with toys that are too short.  The length of this toy allows me to move it as I need to to find the right spot.  Plus, the bendability plus the firmness of the bendy part gives me the flexibility needed yet the firmness for it to still hit the spot.  Sometimes bendy toys are too bendy and have no pressure.

Battery end.

Since she’s silicone you’ll need to store her alone, though with this awesome packaging that’s hardly a problem. Also, make sure she doesn’t spend too much time touching other silicone toys, and make sure to use only water based lubes and toy cleaners. Since she is silicone you can use a 10% bleach solution to clean her as well. (that’s 90% water to 10% bleach). She is also waterproof, but because of the motor don’t submerge her. She IS safe for use above water (I am 100% comfortable suing her in the tub and making sure the end with the battery cap is above the water.)

Basically, if you have a g-spot you need this toy.  The hooked end hits it perfectly.  As I said before.  It’s with the Harmonia that I finally ejaculated.  5 out of 5!!  Can I have 2 please?  One for each hand??? Thanks Eden Fantasys !!!

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Close2You
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Satin Stretch Lace Corset

(Sorry there’s no picture!  My allergies are acting up and I’m so not posing in a corset right now! LOL  There’s great pictures on the product page here)

Okay.  First – this is UBER COMFY and Seondly – it FITS!  and Thirdly – IT’s HAWT!! What is it you ask?  Why it’s the stretch lace corset from Eden Fantasys .  So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  It’s way totally hot pink!  It has bows on the front, and it’s the hot pink on top of black.  There’s a beautiful flower pattern in the pink that the black shows through in.  It uses plastic boning, so while it is a corset, it’s not really gonna change your figure.

I have the 1x/2x size, and I’m somewhere between a size 20 and 22.  I imagine the XL size would be about a 16/18 size.  And it fits very comfortably.  The back has the hook and eye closures, and there’s 2 set of them so you have a choice of which one to use.  The difference is perhaps a half inch or so, larger and smaller to fit you better.

It comes with garters attached so you can wear stockings with it and it would be way hot with stockings and a matching g-string! It does have pre-formed cups for the breasts and I think that if you’re very well endowed in the bosom area you’d have some problems fitting in there, but sometimes a little boob spillage is a good thing! ^^

Also, the material is high quality and it’s well made.  While it wouldn’t withstand being rubbed on gravel, it would handle very well being worn during sex and foreplay.  At the same time, I’d hand wash it and lay it out to dry.

I’m actually really excited about this piece of lingerie I find that a nice sexy well fitting piece of lingerie can go a long ways!  I don’t think this would work well for making up costumes or role playing, but just for a good night in sexy lingerie it’s so totally perfect!

So totally a 5 out of 5!!  Thanks for letting me try this Eden Fantasys .

product picture
Corset by Coquette
Material: Lace / Mesh / Satin
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Cocktail Party Collar and Cuffs

Phthalates free leather 🙂

So, the Cocktail Party Collar and Cuffs from Ruff Doggie Styles are… well, a bit disappointing. The collar is about 15 1/2″ long and the cuffs are about 7 1/2″ long and both are 2″ thick folded over.  They’re made of leather and sure smell like it.  🙂

Basically, the trick is to fold the two black parts together, so the pink shows and the black is an accent.  They can actually be a tad difficult to get just right.  If it’s folded funny there are creases and bumps taking a bit away from them.

Collar (Sorry I didn't get dressed up lol )

There are 2 sizes, probably 1/4 to 1/2 inch difference.  They are not reversible, if you flip it over you see the backsides of the snaps, rather than the shiny side. Though if that doesn’t bother you, you could have a black with pink accent look, rather than pink with black accent.   Also, it’s possible that if you use the bigger size, you could see the other snap.  It is not well hidden.

Now, these are not bondage cuffs. These are dress up and look cute cuffs, so they don’t have D-rings or anything like that.   I’d say they’d work best with other leather, perhaps a corset or lingerie. I think these would also work excellent during erotic photography.


Perhaps because I’m a bit bigger these didn’t fit the best, they were a tad tight.  These are uber cute, but were a bit disappointing for me.  Luckily, these are easy to play with and I’m constantly looking for away to enjoy them more.  As for cleaning, a damp cloth would work best.  You could also use a standard leather cleaning kit if you have one of those.

As for how the leather feels on your skin, it’s quite nice, though it has no breathability.  If you have it on for any time and especially if you move you’re gonna sweat.

4 out of 5, thanks Eden Fantasys!


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Pretty in Pink wrist cuffs

Pretty in Pink

First off, dammit why can’t they have matching ankle cuffs??? *Pouts* The Pretty in Pink Wrist Cuffs from Ruff Doggie Styles are available over at Eden Fantasys. They’re pretty heavy duty made from leather and suede.  So, they are totally *not* vegan.  They’ve got a buckle style closure and are very, very secure.

They’re a pretty decent size of 9″ long and 2 1/2″ thick.  They’re actually almost too big for me (which is odd, my wrists are 7″ thick on a good day LOL)  There are 4 openings for the clasp to go through and here is 1 of my 2 big complaints about these.  The clip that goes through the whole is thick.  It’s metal, with an o shaped piece on the top of a bar.  It goes through the rectangle slit on the closure end.  I actually had to stick something through the one I needed and wiggle it to make the slit wider so it would accept the clasp piece.  Having only one pair of these, I can’t speak as to whether or not it’s a design flaw, or just something unique to my set of cuffs .

Around my left wrist.

The cuffs are pink, with black suede on the inside and a strip of black on the outside.  On the outside there are 4 o-rings affixed by pieces of pink leather to the black suede with a heavy duty d-ring in the middle for something to be attached to.  They do not come with a leash or anything like that.

Other than that, the only complaint I have is that they come in a plastic bag open flat.  So, I had to close them (after widening the slits) and leave them closed for a couple nights so they’d conform to a round shape.  They were stuck flat otherwise.

Now as I said these are pretty heavy duty.  They will withstand a lot of tugging.  The D-ring is affixed very good to the cuffs with 2 rivets (for lack of a better word) holding it down.  The black suede is also sewn down to the pink leather.  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The underside 🙂

Now these aren’t soft or fuzzy or anything like that.  If you’re bound with your wrists above your head and putting weight on these cuffs and they’re digging into your hand, you’re eventually gonna get a bruise.  They’re not forviging like that.

They have a wonderful, wonderful leather smell 🙂

Now as I said, my wrists are 7″ thick.  The cuffs are 9.  If your wrists are much smaller than mine these are probably going to be too big.  I need to use the second to smallest closure slit.  However, they could easily work as cute ankle restraints!  My ankles are too thick, but if yours are 9″ or so, they’d work just fine for your ankles.

There’s even a matching collar! Yea. I totally want it.  Despite my 2 small problems, these cuffs are totally worth it.  They are high quality and durable so if you’re looking for something cute and functionable, get these!

All in all, I give the Pretty in Pink Wrist Cuffs a 4.5 out of 5! They’d have gotten a 5 had it not been for the difficulty in getting them closed the first time. Even after all that I still struggle to close them myself. Thanks Eden Fantasys!!

product picture
Wrist cuffs by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather / Suede
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Divinity Cuffs are Divine

They come in a standard plastic clam shell box, with one simple insert. It's all recyclable.

Divinity Ankle Restraints are positively divine. Manufactured by Spartacus and available for purchase over at Eden Fantasys these restraints are made with white leather on the outside and light blue faux fur on the inside.  They have 2 dark blue decorative jewels on either side of a very secure and tough D-ring.

They are really quite beautiful!

The Divinity Ankle Restraints are a total of 10 1/2″ long. So if your ankles are any bigger than mine at 10 1/4″ around, these will be too small for you.  As it is I can barely fit in them.  However, the part that clasps  is actually 14″ long, so I can still use them and they are totally secure!  With them on and not very much of the Velcro (it uses strong Velcro to close) stuck to each other, I looped a finger through the o-ring and tugged as hard as I could.  Then I just straight pulled on it.  It stayed firmly in place!  The restraints are actually a lot stronger than I thought they would be.  They are sturdy, strong and could withstand quite a lot of force.  I do not see these breaking or any thing like that unless that is exactly what you’re trying to do.

While them having a Velcro closure can take a little bit away from the extreme-ness of a more secure buckle style (though I couldn’t get these undone) it makes for very easy and quick release should something happen.  With any bondage, safety must always be priority!

One thing I really love about these restraints is that you can buy them as a set with wrist cuffs, a collar and a blindfold. Perhaps it’s the girly side in me, but I wish more bdsm gear came as matching sets LOL  As it stands the collar is being delivered to me tomorrow! LOL

One dark blue jewel on either side of the d-ring.

These cuffs are functional, with the sturdy D-ring on each of them.  The cuffs themselves are 2″ wide, the band that secures them on to you is 1″ wide.  Part of that band that secures them closed on your ankles is not connected, so it is able to fit ankles much smaller than mine, though part of it will overlap, but in my personal opinion I do not see that as problematic.    These are very, very beautiful restraints.  If you pair it with the rest of the Divinity line at Eden Fantasys you can look very beautiful in your restraints. These would work excellent, in my opinion, as a dress set of bondage gear.  If you’re in some sort of parade, show or something else.

These would make an excellent (though a tad spendy) gift for your sub!

So comfortable!

I wore the Divinity Ankle Restraints around the house for quite some time and they are uber comfy!  They don’t move much or slide around, nor does any of the leather touch your skin.  All you have on your skin is the nice faux fur.  I can see them getting very warm if you’re outside or something though.

For care I would recommend nothing more than a damp cloth.  You could use actual leather cleaner on the leather part (all of the white) though.  Since they are white though, I would take care if you’re outside.  They are *very* white and would show even dust on them.

All in all?  5 out of 5!!  These are beautiful, comfortable and almost decadent! Thanks Eden Fantasys!

product picture
Ankle cuffs by Spartacus
Material: Leather
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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