Well, I am a twenty something, highly sexual, pretty unusual female.  I enjoy lots of sex, I enjoy some power exchange, some bdsm, bondage and all that.  😀 I also enjoy curling up on the couch with my boyfriend and watching a movie.  Everything from cheesy gore flicks to British comedy.  We also very much enjoy stand up comedy.  My favorite so far is Eddie Murphy in Raw.  😀

I love cooking and trying out new recipes.  And on that note I eat very little meat.  It clashes a little with D, as he’s quite the carnivore, but we both realize that we don’t always have to eat the same thing.  Sometimes we “forage” as I call it, which means we basically eat as we need to for the day/evening/whatever and don’t worry about meals.  Every now and again, that works out just fine. 🙂

I do shave some submissive tendencies, but D and I are in an equal, vanilla relationship.   So there is no power exchange dynamic.  What we do is make sure that we each get our say in whatever.  If we can’t decide, we compromise to the best of our ability.  We are actually very anal (almost to the point of annoyance) of going back and forth.  This time I decided what movie to watch (as of this writing I’m referring to the Bond flick “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”) so next time around D will decide.)

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  Please, feel free to ask me anything in a comment! 🙂 I will answer in a post so long as it’s not rude or some such thing like that.  This Is MY blog after all! 😉

  • I firmly believe in global warming.
  • Animal rights are important to me.
  • I love tattoo’s, and have 7.
  • I intend to get genital piercings.
  • I hate chick flicks!!!
  • My favorite food is Italian, specifically lasagna.
  • It will be quite some time before I ever agree to have children.
  • I have an estranged husband.
  • I am a proud auntie!
  • I have 2 cats 1 MaineCoon and 1 BlueRussian/Manx
  • I write urban fantasy/horror stories.
  • I love photography, erotic and nature.
  • I dislike western/cowboy movies.
  • I love all kinds of music from heavy metal to classical.
  • I however do *not* like country music.
  • My favorite movies include XMen, Star Wars (original trilogy) and Star Trek (all of ’em)
  • I used to run the local Klingon LARP’ing group. (Live Action Role Play)
  • I am in a movie.
  • I love knee socks and find it difficult to wear matching ones.
  • As I write this, I am very hungry!!!
  • I live with my boyfriend who also has 2 cats.  Yes, that’s 4 total!!
  • We have lots of sex and I enjoy blogging about it!!


7 responses to “JessieBeth

  1. Shii

    December 15, 2009 at 2:54 AM

    Hi! I used to read your submissive blog from time to time, and I came across this one from someone’s twitter, who we both follow. I just wanted to say hi, and I am glad you are writing here! You have always struck me as a very honest and interesting writer. I am so excited to read what you’ve written so far, and just get to see you being yourself; not anyone else 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me lurking!

    • Jessie Beth

      December 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 And feel free to lurk away!! I’m going to try to update more often from now on.

  2. playfultoysonline

    December 29, 2009 at 1:43 PM

    Hi Jessie,

    I have been reading your blog’s, you are very interesting, I really like your down to earth honesty!

    I will keep reading you in 2010!!!

    See ya!!!

    • Jessie Beth

      December 30, 2009 at 8:06 PM

      thanks so much!! 😀

  3. DaddiesPrincezz

    June 12, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    Someone follows You that i read and I came to Your site and enjoy reading it.. I have a Livejournal if you wish to read my blog ..


  4. jjcougar13

    April 2, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    My wife, during the first year, or so, was rather submissive and passive during our lovemaking. I introduced “talking dirty”, and got her into it, albeit reluctantly, by stopping all action until shewould say in explicit terms what she wanted. I then began teasing her by holding myself still or pulling out an inch or so. I would say,” If you move or say anything, I will stop or pull out” Finally, she got into it and when aroused would plead with me to “Fuck her” , etc. Lately, she’s gone a 180 and is now totally into sex in public or semi-public, balconies of every hote we stay in, the yard at night, while driving ….she can’t seem to be exposed satisfy her needs. Last week it almost got us arrested and thrown out of hotel. The entire outer wall of the room is glass with a small deck outside. We opened shades all the way and had lengthy 4play and oral sex in full view of anyone that might gglance to the 5th floor. Thiss took place in full view of a community carnival and fireworks 2 blocks away, but it was dark and close to midnite. She wanted to go out onto deck and finish, we did. She had a leg up on the rail and was turned so as to expose each thrust to anyone that might look up could clearly see as I stroked in and out of her and fondled her breasts. Problem: we didn’t know were above parking garage and so were only 12-15 ft above and 20-25 ft away from where a dozen drunk men were carousing watching the carnival.Just then 2 security from hotel came out to quiet them down and ask them to leave.. We were only 25-30ft away and could hear them clearly. I wanted to go in but she “no way, let them look” and went wild getting as close to rail as possible hanging her head and boobs over railing and was moaning louder & louder. I said we’ll get caught & she said F*** It, I hope they do see us.” I got hot too ‘cuz she is a beauty and was wild with sexual fever. The drunks didn’t see us though I think she got louder in hoping they woulld. But the security saw us and she just lost it, fucking as hard as she could and loudly moaning and talking dirty. The security came to our room& we were in a bind as her VERY straight parents were in next room w/our kids. If we were evicted we’d have to wake them and the story would be out.AS I went to the door I had my gym shorts on and she was in bed. I tried to stop them at the door bit they insisted it was too loud to talk in the hall at midnite and came into our room.. They were saying they might call police on us for Indecent . Exposure. My wife begged them not too and spontaneously offered to fuck hem both if they let us go. I freaked ‘cuz we’ve taljked fantasies but NEVER thought anything like this would happen.I knew that they would be doing my wife in front of me any second as they walked to the bed. . She whipped off the covers , held out her hands and went at the 2 men like an animal., stripping their pants and exposing their genitals which she seemed to try to devour. She had both orally, manually and vaginally and wanted a 2nd round but I think the guys were kind of stunned, so they left. She went after me all night and asked me to describe every detail over & over while we had sex. Now, it’s been over a month and it’s still all she can talk about and seems to need to hear about it to get aroused. She wants to start going to bars & act like we’re not together, wearing her slinkiest dress w/o bra or panties. She wants to pick thegguy of her choice & take him to a motel, we would previously rent and she wants me to wait outside in case she needs help but otherwise I’m to wait until he leaves to join her. I’m very confused, was she always like this and with held it or is it an attempt to prove she;s still sexy after 2 kids? I think it’s dangerous & I know her well eniugh to know she won’t use condoms on any of these outings.. Should we get counseling? I want to but she says there’s nothing wrong. HELP!!!!!

    • Jessie Beth

      April 2, 2011 at 8:17 AM

      What your wife is doing is reckless and dangerous. Not only for herself but also for your relationship. You need to have a long discussion with her about this behavior. If actually talking is difficult, then write a letter or email and give it to her. There are safe and consensual ways to go about things like this, but it seems that you are not really consenting to what is going on.

      Talk to her; if not she will get an STD or STI and/or arrested sooner rather than later, which means that if you’re not arrested with her, the STD/STI will be transmitted to you.


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