can’t sleep

01 Apr

I’m tired, but 1 – I know it’s too fucking early to go to bed.  And 2 – I’m not tired enough to sleep.  I think I’ve been sleeping too much lately, so I’m gonna stay up a little bit.  Not too late, like 1 am or anything like that (at least I’m not gonna try for that LOL) but a bit later than I have been going to bed.  For me, I run better on less sleep, than more.  Usually if I average around 7 hours I’m good, but lately I’ve been averaging close to 10.  Earlier this week that was fine ‘cuz of my surgery, but now… nope.  Too much.  So, I thought I’d come ramble a bit lol

D and I have started to make our own language LOL It’s weird and cute all at the same time.  It started one day when I randomly tacked on -ify to relax.  I said something to the effect that I just needed to relaxify.  After that it got a life of it’s own lol I’ll ask if he objectify’s to something, he’ll say he just wants to chillify.  Then, it went further to -ifaction.  I quite love it, actually, ‘cuz it adds something unique and special to our relationship.  Not that it isn’t unique and special already, oh it surely is!  It’s just…I dunno.  It kinda fits our… oddities LOL

I have finally seen the light, with Google Reader LOL I love it!  I am able to follow so many more blogs now, ‘cuz I see when they’re updated and such, right there in the Reader.  It’s so much easier than tracking down each site, individually. 

So remember that book on tape that D put in a while ago, that I said I hated?  Yea.  I love it!!! It’s so relaxing to have the drone of the voice in the background, and it’s good ‘cuz the story is well written enough that I’m still able to visualize it all.  I am hooked!  We just started disk 12 of it LOL  We’re listening to Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind.  I’m trying to decide if I want to continue reading the series after the book on tape is done.  I’m actually really enjoying it in that format.  It’s the only one we have on tape of the series…I wonder if the library has more…

So many, many months ago I’d decided that I wanted to swear less, and so started to do so.  I’d actively tried to change some of the words I used, so that when I “needed” to curse, it wasn’t as bad.  So, frequently I now say “crap on toast” instead of whatever curse word I wanted to say.  Well, I now have also added “crapscicles” LMAO!  Yea.  I’m a weirdo.

I notice myself getting more and more cranky with the lack of intimacy between me and D.  Of course, it’s not for lack of want or desire.  Thank GODS tomorrow we can start playing, at least a little.  I went back over the conversation and the way it sounded to me, from the nurse, it was that about a week after my surgery I can orgasm, so long as there’s no vaginal penetration for 4 weeks.  3 more weeks, tomorrow.  D actually grabbed my boob today, a couple times.  So that was nice 🙂

He likes to tease me, with boob grabbing  ‘cuz I like to play the “they have to be even!” game.  Meaning that what is done to one breast, must be done with relative even-ness to the other.  So he kept grabbing the left today and ignoring the right 😉 *giggles* my devious man.  It may sound silly and innocuous, but I love little things like that.  In my opinion, it shows attention, playfulness and attention to detail.  Things that I find important in a relationship.

So anyway, I think I’m gonna go just surf the web, hotlink and stuff. So, *wavies* night all!

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One response to “can’t sleep

  1. redvinylkitty

    April 2, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    When Master was “Mini Master” (a little boy), his dad was blind, and couldn’t read to him before bed, so he would put a book on tape for Master to fall asleep listening to. Now that Master is older, he still can’t fall asleep without a book on tape on, and I’m hooked too. 🙂 We usually listen to one of the Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, or Lemony Snicket books, but we play around with changing them now and then. 🙂


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