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Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!!

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!!

From time to time, it’s nice to get something sex related that’s not erotica, porn or a sex toy.  And this time around, thanks to MyPleasure, it was Ride ‘Em Cowgirl by Dr. Sadie Allison.

Size wise, the book is smaller, though it’s pretty thick at 215 pages.  Also, it’s not at all discreet as there are a lot of illustrations of naked people, sex positions and genitals.  The illustrations are sort of cartoony, however they do a good job illustrating the various positions Allison talks about.

So, basically, Ride ‘Em Cowgirl is a book all about sex positions.  Everything from the importance of being properly lubed to safer sex practices are listed in this book.  Allison also includes information on positions for pregnancy and post-partum, anal sex and play, oral sex and even information on things to do if your man has a very large penis, or if it’s on the smaller side.  She includes positions that specifically are good for simulating the clitoris, or g-spot and even a whole chapter on ways to engage in sex play without having intercourse.

Something that really impressed me is that has suggestions on positions if you’re a bigger person!  And that’s if he is larger, if she is larger, or if both are large!  Often those of us who are bigger are often overlooked, so it was really nice to see that.

Something else that I think is really nice about this adult book is that it’s written in a very nice voice.  It’s like talking to your good friend who also is very knowledgeable about sex.  Dr. Allison makes sure to include tips specifically for women, such as making sure to have smooth nails when playing with a penis, and also tips for men, such as the fact that a lot of women don’t enjoy getting razor burn.

All in all I was very happily surprised by this book.  I’d read a couple other of Allison’s books and wasn’t blown away, but Ride ‘Em Cowgirl really is a good book whether you’re a sexpert or if you’re new to sex play.

Highly, highly recommended!!

Thanks MyPleasure, for letting me have this book in exchange for a fair and honest review!! ^^

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Doing it with Damon and Hunter (a review)

Oohhh they're HOT!

So, I’ve been having a hard time finding porn that I enjoy lately.  I dunno why, but I’ve been masturbating better to NCIS than anything else.  *shrugs* Whatever right?  However, this has lead me to begin a, so far, fruitless search for porn that I can masturbate to, and really enjoy.  Now that’s not to say that I’m not enjoying the adult movies I’m watching!  It’s just that I’m enjoying them for the sake of watching them.  Not for the sake of masturbation.  It doesn’t matter how many sex toys I have piled next to me, if I have a porn on I just watch it.  Then I put NCIS on and fuck myself.  Maybe I have an NCIS complex….

Damon & Hunter; Doing It Together is unfortunately, not any different.  However, that’s me and my NCIS masturbation complex.  The movie is awesome! This adult film is by Comstock Films, it’s a husband and wife producing some unique independent films.  This is the first gay movie they’ve produced.  It includes an interview that’s about a half hour long, then a half hour sex scene.  The nice thing about the sex scene is that it’s the guys doing it how they want; it’s just them having sex as if they were doing it at home, not on film.

The movie starts off with an interview between the two men and they talk about their lives, sex lives and their views and ideals regarding sex and sexuality.  It’s interspersed with a few seconds long clips of the sex scene.  Then, there’s the sex scene.  And that’s it.  It’s really quite simple, but it’s awesome in it’s simplicity.

There are a couple special features.  There’s an option where you can watch the sex scene with commentary and also choosing your own camera angles, of course from the options there are.  There’s usually 3 choices.  Also, there’s promo’s for some of the other Comstock Films movies.

The only thing is I wish the interview had been longer.  Not only are Damon and Hunter fucking sexy as hell, but they were simply enjoyable to watch and listen to.  This is totally a movie to get if you like gay porn and also the ideas behind it.  It’s just so nice to be able to hear what the guys think about it, ya know?

4.5 out of 5!!  Thanks Fascinations!


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book review: female ejactulation & the g-spot

"Not your mother's orgasm book!"

Available at Babeland, this book is very information heavy.  This isn’t a book that just tells you “how-to” ya know?  It tells you how to, it tells you why, and when, and in what manner, and the history, and anything else you could possible want to know about your g-spot, everyone else’s g-spot, how it’s similar to the p-spot in men and even the suspected composition of female ejaculate. But as I said; it’s information heavy. You’re not going to read this in one sitting.

Female Ejaculation and The G-Spot was written by Deborah Sundahl it’s 194 pages plus a glossary and a couple resource guides.  This book includes chapters on: what is female ejaculation, ejaculating with an orgasm, ejaculating with your partner, healing your g-spot, men’s roles in female ejaculation and more.  It’s probably 8″ tall and 4″ wide.  It’s quite obvious that this is is an adult book so if you need discretion I’d hide it.

Now, I bought this book ‘cuz after my cervical surgery I’ve been having difficulty with vaginal orgasms.  So, I wanted to find my g-spot better and enjoy it, like I firmly believe every woman can and should.  The book helped.  A lot.  I’ve since had g-spot orgasms and have begun being able to ejaculate.  The book has helped me learn how to learn my g-spot, what it likes and what it takes for me to actually ejaculate.

Sundahl starts the book off with a “peek” inside a g-spot workshop.  She then goes into the history of the discovery of the g-spot, it’s composition, where it physically is inside the body and she ensures to clarify that everybody’s body is different and as such, not everyone will react the same to the same stimulations.

She stresses the importance of women taking time to learn their bodies and taking time for themselves, if nothing else, to simply be alone.

All women need this book.  Totally.

5 out of 5!  My G-spot and I thank you Babeland Toys!!!


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Tantus' Large Ripple


The Tantus Ripple LARGE

Now.  When I say large, I mean Large! the Tantus Ripple is an incredible anal plug.  Actually considering it’s size you could probably consider it a dildo! Available at Babeland Toys this is a 100% silicone butt toy with no vibrator, so you can boil it, dishwash it, or use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it.  Also, since it’s silicone make sure to store it so it’s not touching any other toy, as well as use only water based lubes.

Very flexible!

The silicone is quite soft, flexible and malleable so this toy is incredible for long term wear!  It’s 6 1/2″ long, so it’s a tad bit shorter than many anal beads and longer than a lot of other butt plugs.  The butt plug is nicely graduated with 4 ripples.  They begin at about 1″ around and graduate up to a thick 3″ around.  The space between the ripples also graduates, between the first and second ripples the space is perhaps 3/4″ around, whereas it’s a good 1 1/2″ around between the third and fourth ripples.

As for the color it’s advertised as a metallic purple, which many Tantus products are, however mine is a solid black.  Truth be told it’s a little disappointing, however life certainly goes on 🙂

Size comparison to my bottle of Climax Anal Lube

Use wise, this butt plug is BIG.  I’d register is as an intermediate butt toy.  If I’m not all randy and warmed up and everything I can only take in 3 ripples.  Even so, this toy stays in very, very well.  I am so happy with this butt plug!  Honestly?  This is the first butt plug I’ve really loved.  It works great as a long term toy and also as a dildo; it’s long enough that you can grasp the nicely flared base and thrust to get an incredible, amazing sensation.  PLUS with how soft and forgivable the silicone is this toy works incredible for some intense double penetration!  😀

It’s packaging is the standard Tantus clear plastic box, with a clear plastic clam shell insert.  However mine seemed to be a bit too small.  It sticks out the top of the clamshell insert so it can’t really be properly closed.  However, it still works for storage to keep the integrity of the toy.  As a random aside; if you ever get a Tantus box and can’t find the name of the toy, look on the back of the box, near the bottom.  There’s a small white sticker with the name of the toy there 🙂

Eye from the sky 😉

This toy is perfectly smooth.  There are no seams or anything like that.  The only non-smooth thing on it is the embossed Tantus logo on the base.  Now, if you want this toy but it’s too big, there is a smaller version.  Just make sure to choose the Ripple “small” rather than the Ripple “large.”

Please, let me reiterate that the Tantus Ripple Large is NOT in any way a toy for an anal play beginner.  Even if you’re adventurous this is a large toy!  This is a toy to help someone get used to something large in their bum.  If you’re working up to anal sex then this is perfect for you!

I LOVE THIS TOY!!  Thanks Babeland!  Total 5 out of 5!!!!


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The Chocolate Is Good…

1oz tube

…The Chocolate Is Great…Surrender Your Fate to the Chocolate this Day! (Bonus points if you can catch my reference here! 😉 )

You know, sometimes sex toys aren’t always vibrators and such.  Chocolate Body Paint from MyPleasure is just nommy!  It tastes like Hershey’s syrup and comes in a re-closable 1oz tube.  It sits on the lid so it’s always down there; you don’t have to shake it or pound it or anything like that.  Plus, it’s one of those caps where the mess is inside the lid rather than on the outside.  It comes in a 3-pack which is awesome.  The 1oz tubes are actually a perfect size for travel ^^

This is body paint; not lube.  The ingredients are: glucose-fructose, glucose, water, cocoa powder, caramel, salt, natural and simulated flavors and potassium sorbate.  As such it is in no way safe for internal use.  I shudder to think of the yeast infection this baby would give you.  Either way it’s very, very thick.  This is something to play with on the skin.

After licking my arm - it's quite thick and tasty!

It comes out in a thin line and after licking still stays a bit on the skin.  It does get caught in hair and such, so if you’re using this on someone who has a lot of body hair; be prepared for a shower afterwards LOL If I were you I’d use this right in the shower! Grab some shower safe sex toys , write all over your lovers body, lick it up then wash off the sugary residue! 😉

For using this shake it first, and then it needs to be refrigerated after opening.  Beware of late night cravings though!  This stuff tastes so good you could just squirt it right into your mouth for a chocolate fix!

As for any alternative uses; other than a quick chocolate fix I see none.  It’s not the right consistency for massage and either way, it’s not going to absorb into the skin.  It has 2 uses – 1 – being nommy-liscious 2 – being great for foreplay writing on your lovers skin!!

Awesome product!  5 out of 5!  Thanks MyPleasure!


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The Tantus Royal

The Tantus Royal (It's really not pink..dunno why it's showing as such)

Having as many sex toys as I do, sometimes I like to try something new and different.  So yes, I reviewed a prostate massager. Why you ask? Well, #1 ‘cuz the Royal is a Tantus product and I’m hooked on Tantus. And #2 – ‘Cuz I was curious.  Since prostate toys and g-spot toys can be interchangeable, I was curious if it would work with this Tantus toy.

Available at MyPleasure this Tantus toy is on the small size.  It’s 4″ long and only 1 3/8″ thick at the widest point.  It comes with a standard bullet vibrator you can insert in the bottom with a little lube.  It runs on 3 watch batteries that are included.  The vibrations do travel quite well through this butt toy.  Since it’s 100% silicone with the vibrator not inserted it’s boilable and needs water based lube.

Size comparison with the Tantus Ripple Large.

I was actually disappointed with this toy.  Because this toy is so small, the hooked end puts very little pressure on the g-spot or the prostate.  (***if you use this in your butt first, make sure to either use a condom or sterilize the toy before inserting it into your vagina — safety first please!)  My g-spot needs much harder stimulation.  As for my enjoyment of this sex toy anally I really enjoyed the unique sensation, however it didn’t last very long.  It’s just too small for me to enjoy in my butt.  (Though, I never thought I would say that! LOL)  The entire time I was using it I was like “oohhh yes just a little more, just a little more!!” and that little more never came ‘cuz of the size.  I hope the Royal has a big brother somewhere!!

Really, the Tantus Royal is a beginner’s butt toy. I 100% recommend this if you’re new to butt play. However if you’re even an intermediate butt player (which is where I’m at right now) there are many other sex toys out there that are better suited for intermediate to advanced anal play.

4 out of 5!!  It’s amazing for beginners!  Thanks MyPleasure !!


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Rock Chick ROCKS!


The Purple People...uhh, rather the Rock Chick 😉

This is the Rock Chick. I’ve been curios about toys like this since I first saw them. I’ve tried the Wi-Vibe II and the Mini G-Rock both to no joy or avail. Both are in the bottom of my don’t-use drawer. When Babeland offered to let me review the Rock Chick I almost said no. But, this one looked bigger and better formed. So, I said yes. Especially since I’m learning how to ejaculate and figuring out how my g-spot works.

So.  The rock chick is about 4″ long insertible – this is the “leg” that does not have the vibrator on it.  It’s smooth, about 2″ thick and has a hooked end to massage the g-spot.  The other “leg” is ribbed on both sides, but more so on the side that hits your labia and clit.  And boy it feels good!  This end has a 1-speed vibrator in it and is about 3″ long.  It runs off of an N battery, which is randomly annoying ‘cuz it’s not the most common, however it *does* come with one which is certainly nice!



The Rock Chick is made out of silicone.  As such, it’s flexible.  you can bend it both ways; together and apart.  This lends for good ability to maneuver it just how you need it to hit the right spot.  It is a bit firm though, you can’t see it in the pics but I was working fairly hard for it to hold those positions.

Since it’s silicone make sure to use water based lube with it.  Also, it’s nice and sterilizable with a 10% bleach solution.  For cleaning though, those ribs that hit the clit can really collect body fluids and lube, so make sure to check there before you put your toy away.

The vibrator IS removable.  This makes the toy itself (with the vibrator *removed* boilable.  If you choose to remove the vibrator it’s very hard to do so, I actually had the cap pop off even though it ws screwed all the way on; so I take this as this vibrator is *not* waterproof despite the o-ring.  It popped off way too easy.  However with as deeply embedded as it is in the sex toy, I would take it as splash proof.  I actually got a lot of water on it when I was washing the toy and none got into the compartment.  When re-inserting the vibrator I’d use some water-based lube to make the re-insertion and re-removal easier.

The button on the vibrator is hard to push; I have to push very hard for it to turn on and off.  I actually cannot do it while the toy is inserted in my vagina; I need to turn it on or off when it’s outside of me so I can get a good grip on it and push hard.



Holding it; my hand is kinda big, the toy isn't large, but it isn't small either.

Using the toy… I was surprised how much I like it actually. I’ve had problems before finding g-spot vibrators that work with my anatomy.  I’ve had even less success with dual stimulation vibrators.  Typically I need to just use multiple toys at once.  However, the Rock Chick, probably due to it’s size, works great!  For stimulating my clit it’s a tad long to fall right on my clit, plus my outer labia are quite thick so I need to sort of pull them apart and push the toy inside them, however once it’s all said and done it is so worth it!

The trick to using a toy like this is the rocking motion.  For me I grip it at the mid-section and kind of do a pull-push type motion.  This stimulates my g-spot then on the up-pull of it, (the anti-thrust movement) it bumps my clit and stimulates my labia.  I also really like holding it inside me and squeezing it with my legs.  Typically I’m turned on my side while I do this.  This movement is great if you’re doing double penetration with an anal toy ‘cuz by having this toy in you and squeezing your legs you’re getting penetration and clit stimulation and then being on your side you can play with your ass as well and get all that stimulation.  It’s great!

All in all the Rock Chick gets a 4.5 out of 5!  Good grief THANK YOU BABELAND!!


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